Is Pieck Dead or Alive in Attack of Titan Season 4?


Following the attack on Liberio in which the host of the War Hammer Titan is captured and eaten by Eren, the Marleyan militia suffers a double blow because the Eldians also preserve Zeke. Regardless that it is later revealed that he intended to return to Paradis Island on his maintain accord, Pieck’s Cart Titan and Galliard’s Jaw Titan, accompanied by Reiner’s Armored Titan, like to shoulder all of the responsibilities of Marleyan militia exploits after that.

Pieck has been on the frontlines since then, and in season 4 episode 16, she even takes the risk of pretending to collude with Eren and present the positions of her fellow countrymen. Sadly, the concept most sensible seemingly backfires as they not most sensible seemingly fail to earn the Founding Titan when Galliard’s Jaw Titan assaults Eren, however Pieck also loses her hand. It modern goes on to expose the roughly dangers the holder of the Cart Titan has currently been taking, and ‘Attack on Titan’ season 4 episode 18 is no exception. Does Pieck continue to exist the ruthless fight because the Marlyeans and Eldians fight head-on? Right here’s what we know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Pieck Die in Attack on Titan?

No, Pieck Finger would not die within the episode titled ‘Sneak Attack.’ After the Marleyans shock the Eldians by carrying out an unexpected attack following the destruction of Liberio, the Cart Titan, alongside side the Jaw and Armored Titans, know they most sensible seemingly like one ideal chance to take the Founding Titan. Whereas Galliard and Reiner trudge for a plump-on disagreement with Eren, Pieck’s Titan is ready from the walls to unleash the Anti-Titan Cellular Artillery with Total Magath’s assistance.

The wait will not be a long one for her as she becomes an full of life participant within the action modern just a few moments after the Founding Titan assaults the Jaw and Armored Titans. The blended efforts of the three quickly seem to work as Eren is cornered. Sadly, this power imbalance would not ideal long for the Marleyans, who are quickly attacked by Zeke’s Beast Titan. In barely just a few moments, he takes down Galliard, Reiner, and the full planes that like been presupposed to be used for their evacuation after they enact the mission.

Plainly every one hope is misplaced for them because the Founding Titan slowly approaches Zeke. When the Beast Titan looks to be on the carcass of Pieck’s Cart Titan, he — love the Yaegerists — presumes that she has at ideal been killed. Alternatively, to each person’s shock, Total Magath, who is controlling the Anti-Titan Cellular Artillery, impulsively turns the launcher in direction of the Beast Titan and delivers a violent blow shut to its nape. Because the Titan falls from the head of the Wall, the Eldians in actuality feel the stress of the 2d, while the Marleyans can at ideal compare some hope for themselves.

However if Pieck’s Cart Titan used to be killed, why used to be the lifetime of Total Magath spared? Didn’t the Yaegerists know that he’ll be unhealthy with the Anti-Titan Cellular Artillery at his disposal? Plainly Pieck’s Titan used to be with out a doubt not killed within the first operate, and he or she modern left within the assist of the carcass of the Titan to create it seem as if she used to be tiresome. It turned out to be serious in a while because the extremely contented Yaegerists and Zeke didn’t compare the threat that used to be staring modern at them. An profit of modern just a few moments gave Magath the time wanted to enact the aforementioned attack while Pieck, who used to be not in her Titan create, modern watched the action unfold by hiding below the carcass.

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