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Is Someone a Real Dating App? Is Seong Yun-o Based on Real Serial Killer?

Netflix’s ‘Somebody’ follows the story of Kim Sum, a woman that develops a dating app to help individuals discover their soulmates. Nonetheless, a serial killer, named Seong Yun-o, uses it as a means to locate his targets as well as take care of them without getting caught. While the cops look for a link in between the dating app and also the serial killer, things get a lot more complicated for Sum as she satisfies Yun-o by means of the same app and also loves him.

This brings about a facility game of love and also murder where Sum is compelled to challenge a couple of aspects of herself. The audience as well is brought face to face with the scaries that meeting an unfamiliar person on a dating app can lead to. Below’s what you must understand if you are wondering if any of this births any similarity to an actual app or an actual serial killer.

Is Someone a Real Dating App?

No, Someone developed by Kim Sum in the Netflix K-drama ‘Somebody’ is not a real dating application. While the program offers its own functions to the app, it does retain some fundamental things that a lot of real-life applications have. Posting a profile image, writing some crucial features of oneself, and the left-right swipe feature exists in Someone as well. There is a strange way in which it varies from various other dating applications.

Sum produces it with an unique feature in mind, where she creates a chatbot that keeps a close eye on the user. This chatbot is not just efficient in having a real discussion with a person however is also set to bear in mind the things that an individual types on their tool yet never sends out to any individual. In scenarios where an individual can not talk for themselves, the chatbot talks for them, giving a voice to the individuals that tend to remain in the darkness since they are also reluctant to talk up.

Is Seong Yun-o Based on a Real Serial Killer?

While there have been some infamous serial awesomes in South Korea over the years, none of them has actually been linked to the usage of dating apps. Due to the fact that dating apps are so commonly made use of these days for love, it really did not feel unlikely for the writers to believe that the applications can be used for crimes.

While there haven’t been any recognized dating application serial killers in South Korea, a couple of such situations have actually appeared in the United States over the last few years. In 2021, a New Jersey citizen named Khalil Wheeler-Weaver was condemned of three murders as well as attempted murder along with the criminal activities of kidnapping, aggravated arson, and also desecration of human remains. It was exposed that he had actually lured his victims utilizing dating applications in between August 2016 to November 2016. It was the friend of one of the victims who determined to uncover his identification by setting herself up as lure. She found him on the dating site and also when a time and also area were set for them to meet, she alerted the police. Now, he is punished to 160 years in prison.

In 2021, a man called Anthony Robinson was implicated of using dating apps to draw as well as eliminate ladies. Called “the buying cart awesome”, he was charged with the murder of two ladies and also named as a suspect in the fatalities of 3 others. It is believed that he met the females on a dating app as well as welcomed them to a resort area, where he killed them, and after that utilized shopping carts to throw away their bodies. He has additionally been connected to the death of his sweetheart in 2018.

Taking into account such situations, it is simple to believe that there are people available that are mistreating dating apps to dedicate fierce criminal activities. While Seong Yun-o is definitely fictional, his activities can not be thought about impractical. There is a grain of fact in who he is, what he does, as well as how he does it.

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