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Is The Curse of Bridge Hollow Madam Hawthorne Based on a Real Woman?

Directed by Jeff Wadlow, Netflix’s ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow’ is an experience comedy movie with a Halloween theme and also scary aspects. It takes audiences to the titular town where Howard as well as Emily Gordon relocate with their teenage daughter, Sydney. Nonetheless, shortly after getting here in the community, Sydney learns more about Madam Hawthorne and also the legend of Stingy Jack. Both are vital in Bridge Hollow’s background and also obsession with Halloween. Viewers must be questioning if Madam Hawthorne is based on a real person. Here is everything you need to recognize if you are looking for details concerning Madam Hawthorne and also how she beat Stingy Jack!

Is Madam Hawthorne Based on a Real Woman?

In ‘The Curse of Bridge Hollow,’ Sydney and also her household arrive in Bridge Hollow and make an old estate their house. Soon, Sydney finds the house came from Madam Hawthrone, a previous town local. She was a fabled figure in the town and died years back, leaving the big estate to her child. After Madam Hawthrone’s little girl moved to an assisted living home, the Hawthorne house was auctioned together with various other things coming from Madam Hawthrone. A statue of Madam Hawthorne exists in the local school.

She is called a spiritual medium, an individual able to communicate with paranormal beings. A flashback sequence shows Madam Hawthorne as a witch with effective and magic spells at her disposal. She utilized her powers to trap the spirit of Stingy Jack. In truth, the legend of Stingy Jack is connected with Halloween, yet there is no reference of a woman named Madam Hawthorne capturing the evil entity. Provided the mythological aspect connected to the character, it is safe to state that Madam Hawthorne is an imaginary personality. Like the titular community, Madam Hawthorne being fictional helps the story to provide the festival of Halloween a fresh twist.

Exactly how Did She Trap Stingy Jack?

In the movie, Sydney discovers the tale of Stingy Jack. The Devil showed mercy to Stingy Jack as well as gave him a light with fires of Hell so her can exact his revenge on Bridge Hollow. Flashbacks expose that the light made Stingy Jack exceptionally powerful, and also it was near impossible to stop his rampage.

Therefore, Madam Hawthorne quit Stingy Jack from ruining the community as well as its Halloween. While the precise nature of Madam Hawthorne’s spell and the extent of her supernatural powers continues to be unidentified, she could not entirely ruin Stingy Jack’s spirit.

Ultimately, Madam Hawthorne aids Sydney as well as Howard trap Stingy Jack once more by disclosing the spell she originally utilized to quit the spirit’s mayhem. By illustrating Madam Hawthorne as the individual who beat Stingy Jack, the movie dramatically modifies the initial Irish misconception of Stingy Jack.

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