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Is The Good Doctor Freddie Highmore Autistic in a Real Life?

ABC’s medical collection ‘The Good Doctor’ focuses on Dr. Shaun Murphy, who signs up with San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital as a surgical homeowner. Shaun has autism as well as savant disorder, an unusual double medical diagnosis. His colleagues at first reveal their doubts relating to the capabilities of an autistic doctor, Shaun soon proves that he is an exceptional possession to the medical facility. His savant syndrome enables him to have a near-photographic memory, which likewise helps him treat his clients better. Freddie Highmore, recognized for his performances in ‘Charlie as well as the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Bates Motel,’ plays Shaun. Given that the personality is autistic, the audiences might wish to know whether the star has the exact same condition. We have actually got you covered if that’s the situation!

Is Freddie Highmore Autistic?

No, Freddie Highmore is not autistic in real life. The actor is a neurotypical person playing an autistic personality. Highmore had to study extensively to fill up the shoes of Shaun Murphy in the show.

Simply traded back and also forth books as well as items of literary works as well as docudramas that we believed were beneficial or offered us some kind of understanding into structure this one, really particular character,” he added. There was even a specific docudrama that aided the star tremendously. “I saw a dazzling documentary on Netflix called ‘Autism in Love,’ which is excellent due to the fact that it concentrates on the most human, inmost emotion that we may feel, which is being in love,” Highmore told Los Angeles Times.

Melissa Reiner, Med, the professional on the program, wanted Shaun Murphy to not be a “caricature” of autistic people. Her support apparently had a good effect on creating Highmore’s mannerisms as Shaun. “The method Shaun holds his hands is something that makes him stand out.

As the 6th period of the show advances, Highmore understands that he can not place an end to his discovering journey and also study worrying autism. “I’m frequently discovering,” Highmore told Digital Spy. He additionally has actually been reaching out to people with autism for far better quality worrying the condition. “I’m likewise speaking with individuals who feel that they have a personal link to the program with autism, and also are thankful or happy that the show is seeking to elevate awareness in that method,” the actor included.

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