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Is The Lørenskog Disappearance a True Story, Is the Netflix Show Based on Real Life

The instance proves to be a tough one from the start, considering its top-level target and the risk of the abductors that claim that they are seeing every step made versus them. Over the course of five episodes, the show takes on the situation from various viewpoints, concentrating on the human element rather than the criminal one. Things obtain so knotted by the end that one begins to wonder if this is just how investigations move forward in real life.

Is The Lørenskog Disappearance a True Story?

Yes, ‘The Lørenskog Disappearance’ is based on the real-life kidnapping situation of 69-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, though some occasions as well as characters have actually been fictionalized for the purpose of narration. On October 31, 2018, Anne-Elisabeth’s other half, Tom Hagen came residence to locate his partner gone as well as a ransom note left in her stead at their residence in Lørenskog. Hagen found it far better to get the police entailed, though the investigation was kept secret to maintain in line with the demands of the kidnappers, that never sent out another letter however kept a line open for communication via the cryptocurrency system.

On researching the ransom note, the police officers found that it was composed by someone that was well-versed in Norwegian however had actually attempted to make it resemble they weren’t. The paper was additionally acquired in your area, yet there was no DNA evidence on it to further the investigation. The Hagen home likewise supplied minimal forensic proof, without any sign of break-in. After keeping the examination a secret for about 10 weeks, the police officers appeared concerning the case, hoping that the exposure to media would certainly assist in getting some leads in their otherwise heavily restrained examination. Regarding the case, they claimed, “Our primary concept is that the victim was kidnapped by unknown wrongdoers at her residence. We have no evidence she lives, but we haven’t gotten any indicator that she isn’t to life either.”

With the kidnappers apparently withdrawn in establishing interaction, after Hagen had actually paid around $1.45 million, the police officers at some point turned their lens in the direction of other possibilities, which is when Hagen came under examination. On April 28, 2020, Hagen was detained on charges including murder as well as accessory to murder and was remanded in custody. It was believed that either Hagen eliminated his wife or he had actually organized it with the help of other criminal components and also established the kidnapping to toss the police officers off his tail. His house was extensively looked, together with the close-by lake along with other residential properties of Hagen. Examiner Tommy Brøske stated, “The case is identified by a clearly prepared deceptiveness. As various other hypotheses have actually been weakened, uncertainties versus Tom Hagen have actually slowly been reinforced.” They believed that Hagen “had traces of a clear, conscious misdirection”.

The police officers were likewise encouraged by the idea that Tom as well as Anne-Elisabeth Hagen had a challenging marital relationship and that she wanted from it while he was determined not to. The pre-nuptial setup showed that Anne-Elisabeth would just get “₤ 15,000 of his ₤ 156m fortune along with a story of land and a Citroen car if the couple divorced” together with him obtaining “control over a property that Anne-Elisabeth had inherited from her parents”. This transformed the suspicion on the husband. However, the case did not keep in court, as well as Hagen was quickly released from safekeeping. He has actually preserved his virtue.

With the situation still open, the police officers have not had the ability to identify what actually occurred to Anne-Elisabeth. ‘The Lørenskog Disappearance’ focuses on the examination yet takes a various strategy, as opposed to the common whodunit that gives a concrete resolution to the target market. Just like any case with a prominent individuality linked to it, popular opinion ends up being a crucial aspect in placing the blame on someone. As the story is told from the viewpoint of the police officers, the journalists, the attorneys, and also the sources, the show explores the different predispositions that appear while addressing a criminal offense.

As time drags out, the investigators come to be a lot more emotionally purchased such instances, as well as their stubbornness to locate an answer commonly develops more troubles in finding the ideal response. In discovering the story through such a lens, the show plans to throw light on exactly how such situations exist to the general public, and with the influence of social media sites, how everybody does not hesitate to pass their own opinions and also judgment, without being privy to the full image. The fragmented versions of the impact and a story it carries individuals involved are what develop real core of the Netflix true-crime collection.

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