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Is The Playlist Based on a True Story? Is the Netflix Show Based on Real Life?

Netflix’s ‘The Playlist’ is a Swedish drama collection that adheres to an aspiring business owner named Daniel Ek. As the music industry tries its best to battle the pester of piracy and also maintain its financials safe and secure, Ek comes up with an one-of-a-kind option to the issue. His idea of a lawful music streaming service starts taking shape with the help of Ek’s business partner Martin Lorentzon. Initially fulfilled with resistance, Ek quickly starts to change everything within the songs market as well as how it runs.

Even those that have actually not enjoyed the show might find Ek’s idea evident in the modern globe. Normally, several must be interested to know the fact behind the story of the Netflix series– is it based on real-life events, or is it merely an imaginary story?

Is The Playlist a True Story?

‘ The Playlist’ is partially based on a true story. The series is based on Sven Carlsson as well as Jonas Leijonhufvud’s novel ‘Spotify Untold,’ AKA ‘Spotify Inifrån,’ which informs the story of Daniel Ek as well as Martin Lorentzon, the minds behind the Swedish music service Spotify. The streaming giant created a mini-series from the non-fiction book that informs the story of the audio streaming system getting in the US market as well as the resistance it dealt with from Apple.

According to Carlsson as well as Leijonhufvud, while the confessions and also occurrences stated in the publication do come from people close to Ek and also Lorentzon, they are not info from the creators. “Ek seems to have chosen to shut the shutters completely. Personally, I can recognize that. Spotify is challenging Apple on a lawful degree right now. We deal with Spotify’s constant battle with Apple in our book. [Ek were to speak concerning such sensitive subjects in book type Spotify would] do it in their very own method with complete control,” Leijonhufvud informed Variety.

In the year 2010, when the struggle was at its top, Ek’s pressure about the issue was at an all-time high. Thanks to secret bargains made by Spotify with business like Universal Music Group and Sony Music, the Swedish company was able to acquire a footing in the United States.

Elaborating on Ek’s paranoia over his ventures with Apple, the authors assert how the owner at one factor thought that Steve Jobs was prank-calling him. “We have that from a trusted source. Whether Steve Jobs really called Daniel Ek is something we can’t validate. To us, Ek’s claim is as a reflection of just how paranoid and also anxious he must have felt in 2010, when Spotify was being rejected accessibility to the U.S. market, in large component because of pressure from Apple,” Carlsson clarified. “The major document business appear to have actually been quite faithful to the iTunes Music Store, and to Jobs directly.”

Carlsson included, “Apple had approximately 80 percent of the market for digital songs circulation in the U.S. at the time. For Carlsson and also Leijonhufvud, the high stress between Apple and Spotify were as unexpected as their visitors.

Carlsson included, “After a number of months of research study, we could lastly account for just how Jobs proactively functioned to oppose Spotify’s facility in the United States as well as what he might have been thinking. While the stress between the two firms are the focal factor of the book, the Netflix collection pays even more focus to how the firm came around and also increased to become one of the leading worldwide songs systems.

One can quickly take into consideration ‘The Playlist’ as a semi-fictional story of just how Spotify came to be. The events portrayed in the story follow a broad timeline of how Spotify became what it is today.

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