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Is This Fool Hugs Not Thugs a Real NGO

Hulu’s ‘This Fool’ tells the story of Julio Lopez (Chris Estrada), a thirty-something man from South Central Los Angeles that has co-dependency concerns. The sitcom is produced by Pat Bishop, Chris Estrada, Matt Ingebretson, and Jake Weisman. In the series, Julio works at a not-for-profit company that aids ex-convicts rehabilitate into daily life after completing their sentences.

The series records a big portion of Julio’s job life, and Hugs, not Thugs, an NGO he functions for, is the program’s primary setup. Customers must be asking yourself whether Hugs, not Thugs, is based on a real NGO.

Is Hugs Not Thugs a Real NGO?

‘This Fool’ revolves around Julio Lopez, who works for the not-for-profit company Hugs, not Thugs. The NGO is run by Minister Leonard Payne (Michael Imperioli) as well as concentrates on rehabilitating ex-convicts, particularly gang members, into daily life. The NGO aids previous members go back to a straightforward life without violence by helping them in finding holiday accommodation as well as stable work. Additionally, it constructs a community for individuals looking for redemption in life and isn’t afraid to give crooks a second chance. Provided Hugs, not Thugs’ profound and human objective statement, it is easy to understand for viewers to really feel that it is based on a real-life NGO.

In truth, there exists an NGO referred to as Hugs, not Thugs. The company is operational in Australia and functions to create a violence-free neighborhood. It organizes area events that increase recognition about physical violence and also propagates sustainable measures to create a non-violent ecological community. Given that the program’s Hugs, not Thugs, is based in South Central Los Angeles, it is unlikely that the real-life NGO serves as a motivation for the program’s model. Moreover, both NGOs have different mission statements and job in the direction of different reasons. Their logo designs and branding also vary from each various other. It is risk-free to state that Hugs, not Thugs, in ‘This Fool’ is not motivated by the real NGO of the very same name.

On the other hand, NGOs helping causes comparable to that of Hugs, not Thugs, are prevalent in South Central Los Angeles. Any of them might have served as an inspiration for the imaginary NGO. Through the NGO, the collection stands for the troubles of life faced by working-class Americans in South Central Los Angeles. It allows the story to take on the motifs of redemption and aids showcase the life of ordinary people trying to obtain their lives back on the right track. In spite of being an imaginary NGO, Hugs, not Thugs, develops a large portion of the show’s psychological core as well as approach.

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