Is Too Old for Fairy Tales a True Story Is the Netflix Movie Based on Real Life

Is Too Old for Fairy Tales a True Story Is the Netflix Movie Based on Real Life

Directed by Kristoffer Rus, Netflix’s ‘Too Old for Fairy Tales,’ or ‘Za duzy na bajki’ is a Polish movie that complies with a ten-year-old young boy called Waldek Banas. Spoiled and concentrated on playing video games, Waldek’s one-true need is to make a name for himself in the field of competitive pc gaming. While he can not wait to be a part of an approaching event, things take a drastic turn when his mommy falls ill. Now under the treatment of his eccentric aunt, Waldek is forced to abide by his new caretaker’s rules as opposed to living on his own terms. As time passes, Waldek discovers what is important in life as well as transforms his life around.

The contemporary conflict of gaming vs. reality portrayed in the comedy movie reverberates with viewers of varied age teams. The motion picture’s story uses its humourous tone to impart essential life lessons.

Is Too Old for Fairy Tales a True Story?

No, ‘Too Old for Fairy Tales’ is not based on a true story. The flick is based upon Agnieszka Dąbrowska’s book ‘Za duzy na bajki’ that shares its name with the film’s Polish title. The idea behind the story involved the writer one day as she was struck with the thought of a chubby young boy that is terrified of losing his mom. According to the author, when she took a seat to work upon the kernel of the suggestion, she did not have a proper story in her head. Agnieszka just trusted her creative imagination and also allow the story flow from her hands onto the computer screen.

Waldek’s mommy’s choice to hide her health problem from her kid ends up injuring Waldek when he understands the fact. Agnieszka wanted to share just how deeply a child trust funds parents. The author believes it is better to prepare the children and inform them about the realities of life rather than hide them away in a globe of fairytales.

Agnieszka herself does not have any type of problems with video clip games. While some years earlier, kids were spent in games like football, the writer describes that now they are simply engaged in video clip games.

Helming the book’s adjustment, Kristoffer Rus’ obligations consisted of casting choices and making the book come to life, while Agnieszka aided with the motion picture’s script. Both the director and also the writer evidently had a simple partnership with a solitary objective: to produce the ideal possible movie.

‘Too Old for Fairy Tales’ is not based on a true story, many visitors will discover themselves connecting to one personality or the other. The suggestion behind the motion picture is to portray the harm done by allowing children reside in an optimistic globe. The movie aims to reveal that an interest for anything at the expense of every little thing else is not sustainable if one wishes to reside in the real life.

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