Is Tower Heist a True Story? Is the 2011 Movie Based on Real Life?

Is Tower Heist a True Story? Is the 2011 Movie Based on Real Life?

Directed by Brett Ratner, ‘Tower Heist’ is a heist comedy movie revolving around The Tower, an upscale New York apartment complex. The structure owner Arthur Shaw loses the personnel’s pensions in a Ponzi scheme, making his staff members monetarily unstable. Structure manager Josh Kovaks, along with a couple of other dissatisfied associates, determines to steal $20 million that Arthur has actually hidden away in The Tower. Like any successful strategy, Josh realizes the demand for a skilled criminal to be able to pull off the heist; therefore he asks Slide, his childhood friend and also a minor bad guy, to join him in his pursuit.

The Robin Hood-like experience showcased in the film, integrated with stark similarities between the ceratin elements and real-life, left the fans curious concerning exactly how the story was birthed. Well, let’s check out the origins as well as realism of ‘Tower Heist’ and also locate out with each other!

Is Tower Heist a True Story?

No, ‘Tower Heist’ is not based on a true story. The movie’s perception was maybe as fitting yet unforeseen as gotten out of an Eddie Murphy movie. The original concept that resulted in the story of ‘Tower Heist’ was first talked about in 2005 in between Murphy, manufacturer Brian Grazer, and also director Brett Ratner. Murphy’s initial concept for the film ‘Trump Heist’ was fairly similar, yet really various, to what we see on-screen. The story was meant for an all-star cast of black comics like Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, etc. The artists would certainly play mad staff members of Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York, preparing to rob Donald Trump and his residential or commercial property.

Grazer as well as Ratner were delighted with Murphy’s suggestion and also started working on the exact same. For 5 years, the manuscript experienced several changes and was contributed to by a number of skilled authors. Nevertheless, throughout the procedure, the movie’s original story began focusing on two characters as opposed to a set of personalities that Murphy had actually imagined, as well as this triggered the comic to go back from the task. Over the years that the job was being written, the ‘Tower Heist’ saw numerous workers modifications, and it might have been deserted had it not been for Ratner.

The supervisor has a desire for heist movies, particularly those from the 70s, and also hence was determined to take the task all the way through. He also let a number of tasks slip away from him to complete the one movie he had actually devoted himself to. Seeing the similarities between the manuscript at the time and ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ Ratner decided to hire an additional author that could bring a fresh breath to the task, and his prayers were addressed in the form of Ted Griffin. The writer altered some of the crucial elements of the original concept to provide a relatable motivation to the potential thieves.

As Opposed To Donald Trump and also his notorious tower, Griffin’s antagonist was motivated by corrupt real-life businessmen like Bernard Madoff, that fleeced his investors via a Ponzi scheme. Instead of investing the money offered to him by his customers, he would just pay his early capitalists with what he had actually gathered from his later financiers. Upon being caught and tried, Madoff was sentenced to 150 years behind bars and also had to return $170 billion. Lion chose to have the blue-collar workers of the well-off and also thieving business owner go on a heist to come back what was stolen from them.

After Ben Stiller joined the movie, a number of adjustments were made to the character of Josh to fit the star’s style better. When Murphy became aware of Stiller being in the movie and was supplied the duty of Slide, he also signed up with back, much to Ratner’s joy. It goes without saying that in spite of the long wait, the end result was something that most of those involved were delighted with.

“It’s hard to think of that a casual conversation 6 years back has actually grown into such a totally recognized film that is so grand in scope. And also, who could have recognized that, in this time period, the international monetary markets would teeter on the verge of collapse, as well as the bad guy in our story would certainly fade in comparison to some very real ones on Wall Street? The reality remains stranger than fiction,” Grazer said loudly, successfully summing up the whole procedure in the movie’s production notes.

Though ‘Tower Heist’ is an imaginary story, specific personalities as well as components in the movie are absolutely motivated by the real world. Arthur Shaw’s character births a shocking resemblance to popular people whose actions influence his journey. Meanwhile, the employees of The Tower were additionally located relatable by several viewers because many felt sorry for their disappointments with their manager as well as felt the heist was justified.

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