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Is Well Suited for Christmas Based a True Story? Where Was it Filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

Directed by Michelle Ouellet, Lifetime’s ‘Well Suited for Christmas’ is a charming drama film, a part of Lifetime’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Lifetime’ lineup, that follows Rachel Rocca, a stylist that is the selected one to produce as well as design an appropriate tuxedo for among the most eligible bachelors in the city, Brett Stone, for an upcoming Christmas charity gala. As she starts to thread the tuxedo, Rachel unthreads his favorable public image and discovers the actual factor behind his Christmas charity.

The Christmas flick is composed of all the aspects as well as styles that make for a fascinating watch during the vacation period. All those motifs are apparently reasonable, which pleads the concern– is ‘Well Suited for Christmas’ based on true events?

Is Well Suited for Christmas a True Story?

No, ‘Well Suited for Christmas’ is not based on a true story. The charming and wholesome narrative is penned by W. Stewart, who is known for composing enthralling movie scripts for rom-com films. Thanks to her innovative mind, dazzling writing, and experience in the field, she had the ability to develop such an entertaining screenplay for the Lifetime film.

The romantic film is loaded with numerous elements as well as themes, including Christmas charity and also a growing love between a boss and also a staff member, which are seen in a number of movies and also television shows. This is just one of the main reasons that some of you discover the story familiar and a little bit realistic. One of the relevant examples has to be that of ‘Love on the Sidelines,’

Simply like ‘Well Suited for Christmas,’ ‘Love on the Sidelines’ concentrates on the blooming love between a style designer, Laurel, and also her manager, Danny, that is a quarterback having a hard time with an injury. The motif of Christmas is missing, the character of Laurel is very similar to Rachel, both of whom belong to the style sector and establish feelings for their particular superiors.

Well Suited for Christmas Filming Locations

‘ Well Suited for Christmas’ was filmed in its whole in Ontario, particularly in Ottawa. Without further ado, allow us take you via all the particular sites that make an appearance in the Lifetime film!

Ottawa, Ontario

All the critical series for ‘Well Suited for Christmas’ were lensed around Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. In order to tape various scenes against ideal backgrounds, the filming device relatively traveled throughout the city and also set up camp in different locations, including Fifth Avenue and also Queen Elizabeth Driveway.

To be specific, it appears that they made use of among the homes in and the locations around the Fifth as well as Bank apartment building for shooting some crucial scenes for the motion picture. Throughout the shooting routine, a fire broke out in the evening in the bordering building of the place where some of the cast and also staff participants were remaining. Fortunately, no injury was triggered to any one of them as the fire brigade put out the fire properly.

Situated in the southerly part of Ontario, Ottawa has worked as a noticeable production place for different sort of film projects for many years. In addition to ‘Well Suited for Christmas,’ you can identify the places of the city in several motion pictures and also TV shows, including ‘Mr. Nobody,’ ‘The Sum of All Fears,’ ‘House at the End of the Street,’ and ‘You Can’t Do That on Television.’

Well Suited for Christmas Cast

Mercedes de la Zerda portrays Rachel Rocca in the Lifetime flick. Various other cast members who play critical roles in the Christmas film are Lara Amersey (Dhruvi Patel), Stephanie Herrera (Marci Rocca), Pierre Simpson (Atticus Winters), Xavier Sotelo (Tomas Rocca), Alireza Shojaei (Marc Nielson), and Gabriel Hudson (DeMario Truitt).

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