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It became known about the low salaries of Marvel for work on special effects

The Vulture portal published a detailed article on the state of the visual effects industry in Hollywood. Journalists interviewed dozens of professionals and found that Marvel Studios deliberately hires fewer people and pays 20% less for work compared to other studios.

One of the specialists interviewed notes that the amount of work on film comics in such a situation increases four times. According to the VFX-IATSE union, Marvel hires one person to create the visual concept, although this usually requires the efforts of at least three workers.

The studio declined to comment on the claims. Shop floor workers recently asked for a pay raise for an upcoming Disney+ series, which the managers reluctantly agreed to. Vulture also revealed that Marvel plans to open its own visual effects studio.

The fifth cinematic phase kicks off in February with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania . In Russia, the project will not be officially released due to the cessation of Disney.

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