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It is not yet known whether the series “One of Us” will be released in the online cinema “Amediateka”

As with House of the Dragon, the next major HBO series, The Last of Us, was also expected to be available on the Amediateka online cinema, yet there is still no quality on this concern. Just one point can be said with certainty – the series will not be released in Russia in mid-January, when the globe premiere will take place.

It is not known for specific why Amediateka can not show the long-awaited series, yet it is thought that the reason exists in the reality that Sony owns the civil liberties to the project. In spite of the reality that HBO proceeds to work together with Amediateka, Sony has completely discontinued its tasks in Russia.

The initial of 9 episodes of the post-apocalyptic action dramatization based on the iconic pc gaming franchise business will release worldwide on January 15th, with the initial period ending on March 12th. The duration of the launching series will be an excellent 85 minutes.

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