‘It’s a sin for a broke man to say he’s in love with me’


Actress Onyii Alex has read out the riot act to broke men.

The actress, while addressing the issue of the kind of men that should be attracted to her personality, emphatically stated only hardworking men with good social standing are permitted to look her way.

According to Alex, it is tantamount to sin for a broke guy to profess love to her adding she works really hard to ensure she’s financial stable.

The movie star noted broke guys are only permitted to admire her from miles away but never close as her aim is to attract a man like herself who thrives daily to increase his financial lot and not a parasite in form of a male.

“It’s a sin for a broke man to say he’s in love with me..! Like how? I hustle because I don’t wanna be broke.

“It’s okay to just trip from a distance!!!.. The goal is two hustles, not a hustle and a leach biko,” Onyii said.

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