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IYM to FG: Don’t invade Southeast with military

Our Reporter

The founder of Igbo Youths Movement (IYM), Evang Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko, has advised the Federal Government never to invade the Southeast zone militarily.

In a statement made available to The Nation, Uko said: “Rumours of proclamation of a state of emergency and the invasion of Southeast Nigeria by contingents and battalions of Nigerian military any time now, should not be true. If it is, then, the largest black nation on earth, may drift into an unexpected and unprecedented meltdown, which may be difficult to contain and impossible to control, and that would be because the rulers of the land, do not have the faintest idea of the resolve and anger in the souls of majority of the citizens of that region. 51 year old pent-up anger in their hearts will explode in an unimaginable dimension that may make it extremely difficult to save Nigeria.”

He warned that “those planning to invade the Southeast and conquer the region, clearly, do not know the pain and humiliation the people of the region have had to endure and swallow for years, their strength and wealth, and especially the commitment of the Diaspora population, and their readiness for a long and protracted struggle for justice and freedom from oppression. The government underestimates the mindset of over 20 million Igbo youths scattered all over the world, who have sworn not to hand over a situation of eternal servitude as permanent onlookers in the Nigerian project, to their progeny.

He said the youths “are very deeply offended, that the same government that has refused to rein in the deadly herdsmen who have made it extremely difficult for them to farm in their ancestral lands, paid hundreds of millions to vicious armed bandits terrorizing the North West, are suddenly bringing war to the most isolated, ostracised and persecuted region in the country.”

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