Jailbirds New Orleans Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Jailbirds New Orleans Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

‘Jailbirds New Orleans’ is a Netflix initial docudrama collection that looks into the lives, criminal activities, and desire for the ladies locked up at the Orleans Justice Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. It examines every element of their common days– from battles to friendships to flirtations– to offer us a authentic and genuine glimpse into what someone experiences while restrained. Currently that the second installation of the ‘Jailbirds’ franchise business has invigorated our rate of interest again, allow’s uncover what the main prisoners it focused upon are up to today, shall we?

Jamie Evans

Although in her very early 30s, Jamie Evans has invested over 15 years of her life behind bars– beginning at 17. She wishes to achieve success, but easy money handles to sidetrack her, which is why a few of her charges include unlawful property of taken objects, 4 counts of simple break-ins, burglary, as well as a warrant for theft. It’s vague whether Jamie is still behind bars or not, yet in the documentary, she did state that she would certainly attempt to be a flourishing bad guy for the remainder of her life if it weren’t for prison and also responsibilities.

Harley Himber

Back in September 2018, Harley Himber had actually pleaded guilty to two matters of drug belongings. When deputies took her into guardianship after she purportedly tried to abduct a 15-year-old young boy due to the fact that she had actually been “high and up for totally as well lengthy” on May 9, 2019, her rap sheet swelled up. Profanity, aggravated criminal home damage, attempted straightforward kidnapping, and absconding probation were just some of the charges included. Regardless of this, Harley was launched in 2020, and also she planned on mosting likely to rehab. It appears like she’s now staying out of trouble.

Timanisha Taylor

Around springtime 2019, Timanisha Taylor was captured as well as charged with two matters of aggravated attack with a firearm, illegal shooting of a tool, home intrusion, burglary, and 2 added matters of breaching limiting orders. She was apprehended at Orleans Justice Center, where she stayed for about a year before being launched on probation. From what we can inform, Timanisha still stays in New Orleans, where she wishes to develop a steady atmosphere for her two young children.

Magen Hall

Magen Hall is a Memphis, Tennessee, citizen that came to New Orleans to participate in Mardi Gras in 2019 however at some point landed in the state’s variation of a county prison. 62-year-old businessman Patrick Murphy was killed, presumably in her resort room, adhering to which CCTV footage caught her walking away with what appeared like a few of his belongings. Magen’s trial on the matters of obstruction of justice, heist, as well as second-degree murder has actually because kept on getting postponed, so she remains restrained in the Parish on a $750,000 bond.

Julie Raffray

Julie Raffray has been jailed because summer 2018 on the costs of second-degree murder, conspiracy theory to a medication ring, as well as several counts of property of medications with the intent to distribute. All these came from the overdose fatality of Branden Pelot on January 22, 2018. As per her account, as a practically life-long addict herself, she ‘d sold the heroin she ‘d acquired from her supplier to Branden, which caused his unintentional passing away. It appears as if Julie has actually given that begged guilty to wrongful death and is presently awaiting a sentencing hearing.

Heather Tredick

The first fee Heather Tredick ever before got under her name was belongings of crack cocaine. Her second felony matter, parole offense, for possession of Xanax, followed quickly after. Within a solitary year, she had actually racked up two sentences and is thus offering time in prison. In Heather’s own words, despite the fact that she has “all the money on the planet,” a good guy by her side, a home of her very own, as well as a new vehicle, she can’t get her life back on track just because she’s an addict. It’s clear that medications are tough to allow go of as soon as you get made use of to them, however we hope she can find a way.

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