Jason Henza: Where is the Voluntaryist Now? The Anarchists Update

Jason Henza: Where is the Voluntaryist Now? The Anarchists Update

With HBO’s ‘The Anarchists’ checking out the untidy yet remarkable saga of a fallen short experiment to press onward the free society movement, the dark side of humanity is coming to light. This six-part original delves deep into the series of unexpected, bizarre, and deadly occasions that eventually came to be the downfall of the anarcho-capitalism neighborhood in Acapulco, Mexico. Now, if you desire to discover even more concerning Jason Henza in specific, particularly since his direct ideology transformed his whole world upside down in every means imaginable, we’ve got the information for you.

That is Jason Henza?

Jason Henza was staying in Chicago, Illinois, alongside his other half when he realized he wanted to have true freedom by not constantly being accountable to the government or the financial systems. He then stumbled upon fugitive-anarchists John Galton and also Lily Forester on Steemit, whose tale influenced him to such an extent he convinced his partner to take a month-long trip to Acapulco. He in fact spent for their travel himself by clearing his life savings upon her prompting since she was not just uninterested in the anarchy concept but also hated hot weather, just for it to backfire.

Within three days of the Henzas’ return to Illinois adhering to Anarchapulco 2017, Jason’s better half requested a separation as she would certainly located a connection with somebody else throughout their time in Mexico. He actually really did not understand his ex-partner was relocating down there to be with her boyfriend for good until he made a decision to relocate too, yet he has actually constantly preserved his intentions were various. Acapulco, he explained in the docu-series, had actually really felt right to him; it had felt like he was lastly among his people as well as his community, so he wished to be an energetic part of it as rapidly as feasible.

In the beach community, Jason expanded closer to couple John and also Lily while also dealing with his undeniable broken heart before in some way finding himself in a “bro-y” link with US Army vet Paul Propert. Little did he know at the time, however, that the latter’s individual concerns would develop uncomfortable situations for him, ultimately bring about him pressing Paul away as well as finding solace with the former duo. As if that’s inadequate, Jason was brutally fired three times when covered up gunmen stormed the couple’s residence on February 1, 2019– an incident that killed John on the spot.

Where is Jason Henza Now?

Jason was able to recoup from his injuries complying with costly clinical aid (due to concerns it was a cartel hit, per the show), as well as it looks like if he has actually since carried on to the best of his capabilities. From what we can tell, the current Puerto Vallarta, Mexico resident continues to speak out about his previous challenges, yet he in fact identifies as a voluntaryist rather than an anarcho-capitalist (an-cap). Additionally, we require to point out that it appears like the tenacious positive-anarchy advocate, pet lover, and also crypto-enthusiast is making a good life for himself right now.

Jason lately tweeted, “I just fulfilled an individual really interested in #Bitcoin. The solitary pet dog dad still has his bad days and excellent days, per his social media platforms, but he absolutely concentrates more on the previous to ensure a sense of security as well as happiness within himself.

” Probably for the 1st time considering that [i’ve] determined as a [voluntaryist], I’m mosting likely to need a little emotional support & empathy,” Jason wrote on Facebook before the premiere of ‘The Anarchists’ episode 2. “You guys are about to see some extremely untidy footage. If it is uneasy, I’m sorry. I’ve made many errors & owned up for them. I have allow the past enter the name of peace for myself & my friends. I have no suggestion just how it is going to go being exposed like this. Recognizing the globe as it rests, it will certainly [be] quite cruel.”

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