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Jason Hughes: Where is the Cyber Stalker Now?

When he was arrested for a number of criminal offenses, a fierce cyberstalker’s disturbing actions was ultimately brought to an end in 2017. He had actually tortured numerous people online as well as also compelled a survivor to relocate overseas by after that. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Unraveled: The Stalker’s Web,’ a podcast as well as a documentary with the very same title, deal with Jason Christopher Hughes’ criminal offenses as well as the survivors’ experiences. Let’s locate out more about what took place then, shall we?

That is Jason Hughes?

After a lengthy investigation, Jason Hughes, that also went by numerous other aliases on the internet, was lastly apprehended as well as indicted. Jason sent her lots of letters that outlined his hard training while she attempted to be helpful.

The pen friend decided to quit connecting after Jason’s letters “became significantly dark and harmful over a period of years.” In them, he referenced the occult and also cannibalism, to name a few disturbing points. In spite of her unwillingness to talk to Jason, he remained to track her and once also turned up at her college dorm unannounced apart from intimidating to eliminate her and her household. In the future, after the woman wed, her husband and also she relocated to an additional country to get away from Jason.

Regarding two years of radio silence was broken in March 2015 when Jason discovered her email online as well as sent her over twenty troubling emails. One of them said, “See, I do not such as kids. In another e-mail, Jason sent her a write-up relating to the fatality of 5 children accompanied with info regarding her very own youngsters.

One more survivor mentioned that she met Jason sometime in 2003 on a website, and when she transformed said no to his enchanting developments, he stalked her. In yet an additional instance of upsetting habits, Jason sent an additional woman an e-mail in September 2015 that described how to mutilate a person.

Rachel, that satisfied Jason online sometime in 2001, teased before meeting up and having sex. However, his questionable habits led her to leave in the middle of the evening. Rachel had actually also asked Jason not to contact her any longer. He really did not take the denial well, sending her nude images to her company as well as family. Rachel said, “It was embarrassing and also devastating. I made one poor charming option, but Jason intended to destroy my reputation as well as make me lose my task.”

Jason continued Rachel’s online abuse for over a decade, also turning up on an on the internet group for brand-new moms. Vanessa, an additional woman that fulfilled Jason on an internet site, stated that he sent her porn and also intimidated to fire her family down. She added, “It resembled managing a beast living in the timbers. You never ever knew when he was mosting likely to come collapsing out to obtain you.” It was additionally reported that he presumably targeted fifty others.

Where is Jason Hughes Now?

The government authorities at some point connected Jason to several aliases, such as Luis Manuel Arsupial and also Michael Rudra Nath. His internet sites and also e-mails were then traced to an address in Staten Island, New York. There, Jason coped with his other half and also in-laws. After substantial delays, he begged guilty to cyber harassment in 2020 as well as claimed to have dealt with PTSD when he sent out those emails. In December 2021, Jason was punished to 366 days behind bars as well as 3 years of supervision post-release. We have been incapable to verify his imprisonment condition.

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