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JayAfrotone invents new music genre

By Sam Anokam

Fast-rising act, Jonathan Igbinovi aka JayAfrotone has invented a new genre known as Afrotone.

JayAfrotone unveiled the new genre with his new song “Chubedube,” which he said, is a combination of mainstream music with African sounds.

A lawn tennis star who once represented Nigeria as number one at Georgia Perimeter College, USA, and a medalist in the All-African games, JayAfrotone’s style of music is creatively fragmented as a fusion of African aborigines and cultural background, influenced and smelt into today’s mainstream sound.

On how music took the centre stage away from sports, he said, ”Music has always been an escape route for me. I have many songs under my name, but “Chubedube” is the first song I am releasing and promoting, both locally and internationally. I decided it was time I introduced my genre of music – the ‘Afrotone Music’ – to the world.”

With his record label, Cuzradio Records Int, Jonathan is working towards creating room for artists with eccentric sounds to become recognized locally and internationally.

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