Jenelle Potter Now: Where Are Janelle’s Parents, Barbara and Marvin, Are They in Jail

Jenelle Potter Now: Where Are Janelle's Parents, Barbara and Marvin, Are They in Jail

In January 2012, a sleepy town in Tennessee woke up to the information of a scary dual murder. The victims were Billy Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth, a young couple who cohabited. They had been shot right in the face after being battered. The most awful part of the entire scenario was that when the bodies had been uncovered, their 7-month old infant boy was located in the space, covered in his mom’s blood but otherwise unhurt.

As the cops investigated the cold-blooded murders, a pretty intricate tale of cyber-bullying, envy, catfishing, as well as love emerged. A story at the facility of which was a protected girl called Jenelle Potter.

That is Jenelle Potter?

Jenelle moved to Mountain City, Tennesse in 2005 and also as a result of poor wellness, she had always led a sheltered life with her parents. The overprotective parents, Marvin and also Barbara Potter, did not allow Jenelle to avoid late or drive or even have partners. So when Jenelle, after that 34, befriended a drug store staff– Tracy Greenwell– as well as began dating her brand-new close friend’s relative Jamie Curd, she maintained her connection a secret from her parents.

Even though she was dating Jamie, Jenelle apparently had a crush on Tracy’s brother Billy Payne. When Jenelle started being harassed online on Facebook– a person anonymously leaving inhuman remarks on her profile– she promptly criticized Billie Jean, stating that Billie Jean disliked her due to the fact that she was pretty.

It was exposed then that Jamie and Barbara (Jenelle’s mother) had actually been texting and emailing with some person called Chris who told them he was a CIA operative whose work was to safeguard Jenelle at all price. Reportedly, as Chris and also Barbara educated the authorities, Chris had been maintaining an eye on Jenelle and understood about the cyber-bullying and also harassment she had actually been experiencing at the hands of Billy and Billie Jean.

The cops detained both Barbara and Jenelle. It transformed out that Jenelle, posing as the non-existent Chris, had catfished her parents as well as partner Jamie, in the year leading up to the murders, and also had actually orchestrated the killings of Payne as well as his partner without ever before choosing up a tool herself.

Where is Jenelle Potter Now?

In 2015, 3 years after the murders took place, the court sentenced Jenelle and also her mom Barbara to two life terms behind bars for first-degree murders of Billy Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth. In 2016, Senior Judge Don Ash of Murfreesborough turned down Jenelle and Barbara’s allure for a brand-new trial. Both women are currently offering 2 consecutive life sentences at the Tennessee Prison for Women and will certainly be qualified for parole in 2072. Marvin Potter is offering his 2 life sentences at Whiteville Correctional Facility as well as he will be eligible for parole in 2132.

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