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Jeremy Jackson: This is what the boy who played Hobie in the famous Baywatch series looks like now

Jeremy Jackson was born in Newport Beach, California, and began working in the entertainment industry at just 6 years old, after landing a commercial for the Mattel toy brand. “The child star stigma is one of those things that’s almost impossible to explain,” he said during a 2006 episode of E!’s Child Star Confidential. About his childhood, he commented: “All my life I was raised by a single mother,” he continued. “I never got to know my dad. He was a drug addict, and that’s why my mom practically kidnapped us to get us out of a bad situation . ” At just 10 years old, Jeremy Jackson landed a leading role in Baywatch (Baywatch) that he would hold for nine years until 1999.

“Hobie’s part was very similar to mine,” said Jeremy Jackson. “[The] surfer kid with a single dad who was a little naughty and all.” But things took a turn for the worse during his teenage years, when Jeremy began to develop a drug addiction while filming the series. “I probably made between $2 and $3 million from Baywatch. I had the means to destroy myself: I had a lot of money and a lot of people around me who weren’t really my friends, but I thought they were, and I got completely sucked into it. a downward spiral of a lifestyle”.

“I was smoking marijuana every day and doing cocaine until it stopped working,” he admitted. “Like she can’t get me high anymore.” According to Jeremy Jackson , at the time, his co-star David Hasselhoff even confronted him about it. “He just looked me in the eye and said, ‘Jeremy, what are you smoking, marijuana?’” Jackson recalled. “I didn’t have the heart to tell him, ‘That was years ago, now I’m doing coke, ecstasy and speed.'” Eventually, fame caught up with him, and one day, Jackson suddenly quit the series. Jackson’s drug addiction continued, eventually evolving from marijuana and cocaine to methamphetamine.

Of course this would bring consequences, and at the age of 19 Jeremy Jackson was arrested. “I was leaving a residence with two duffel bags filled with everything you need to cook meth,” he recalled. “Undercover cops pounced on me. I was [filing charges for] making methamphetamine, which is a mandatory sentence of between seven and 35 years. I looked horrible, with lots of scabs and sores on my face; very, very skinny, very, very pale. I called my mom right away,” he continued. “I said so many times, ‘This is the last time, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again, I’m going to change,’ but there’s nothing you can say at that point. I went to jail for 90 days. Fabrication charges dropped I was charged with possession with intent to sell. I did my time, I did my rehab.

But then again, this wasn’t the last time for Jeremy Jackson, who in April 2015 was arrested for allegedly stabbing a man in Westlake, California, and then fleeing the scene. Jackson was reportedly charged with assault with a deadly weapon and released on bail hours later. He told TMZ at the time that the stabbing was in self-defense, claiming that he was the victim of an attempted robbery. The charges were reportedly dropped.

Four months later, in August 2015, Jeremy Jackson was arrested yet again for another alleged stabbing : a woman claimed that he stabbed her in the back, arm, and leg after they argued about her boyfriend’s car. He was reportedly charged with assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats for the alleged August stabbing. On October 27, 2015, he was reportedly released from jail on bail and went directly to a rehabilitation center the same day. (His attorney for him told Entertainment Tonight the treatment was voluntary, not court-ordered.)

People magazine previously confirmed that Jeremy Jackson has accepted an uncontested plea deal for the August 2015 incident, accepting a 270-day jail sentence and five years of probation. (A no contest plea is functionally identical to a guilty plea, although the defendant does not admit guilt to the charges.) After being released from prison, Jackson became a personal trainer. He appeared on the cover of PEAK magazine in January 2022. He now apparently leads a quiet life focused on physical training, and shared a video of himself on his on-screen father David Hasselhoff’s birthday on social media in July 2022.


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