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Jerold Dunning Now: Where is Alleged Child Abuser Now?

Things appeared to look up for Kym Brown-Hunter when she began dating Jerold Dunning; he appeared to step into the function of a daddy number for her little girl, Jaime Brown. The 2nd half of Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit with John Walsh: Evil Deception’ concentrates on Jerold Dunning’s alleged crimes as well as what occurred in the after-effects.

That is Jerold Dunning?

When Kym Brown-Hunter first satisfied Jerold Dunning, he was the pal of her then-husband. They separated after a few years, with Jerold being there for Kym during the challenging time.

In October 1998, Kym got a call from Jaime’s college. At the time, the child was 12 years of ages and also had actually accused Jerold of sexually abusing her. Jaime remembered it initially beginning in June 1996. She claimed that it initially appeared safe however then rose promptly. While Jaime was 10 years old and also doing her composition research, she asserted that Jerold removed his shorts as well as touched her over her garments. Jaime claimed he also touched her in the shower as well as later on used her cash to execute foreplay.

Jerold was accused of behaving similarly for greater than 2 years. Based on the program, one of Jaime’s buddies was additionally affected during a sleepover. She alleged that Jerold was alone with her and started tickling her prior to plucking her underwears and also pinning her to the mattress. The pal freed herself when Jaime went into the room. Upon learning of the accusations, a ravaged Kym entrusted to her daughter and also moved to her sibling’s home; Jerold was away on a trip at the time.

When the authorities obtained involved, they had Kim call Jerold to try and get him to confess to what he was charged of doing. In that call, he admitted to some of the criminal activities as well as provided her money. Kym accepted fulfill, but it was the police that was awaiting him. Jerold was arrested however released on bond. When his test day in January 1999 came by, he really did not show up and also was no place to be seen.

Where is Jerold Dunning Today?

Kym thought that Jerold could be where his mom, Camden, was. She paid his bond as well as transferred to Maryville, Tennessee. There, Kym discovered that somebody named CJ Dunning had actually been leasing an apartment. Neighbors recognized Jerold as well as claimed he had actually been passing Chester, his center name. Records suggested that Jerold worked as a seafood distribution motorist. The FBI after that obtained entailed, billing him with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution in 2004.

Nevertheless, according to the show, the authorities believed someone tipped off Jerold because he was long passed the time government agents got to Maryville. Ever since, the authorities have actually proceeded trying to find him while he stays a fugitive from the regulation. Per the show, Jerold, now regarding 63, could be concealing in the Caribbean islands and servicing watercrafts. The authorities believe he could also be in Mexico or Brazil. Jerold’s sibling, Kevin, stated in 2012 that his sibling could be in the United States Virgin Islands.

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