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Jessica Alva’s Death: How Did She Die, Was Jessica Alva Killed

One morning in April 2019, Jessica Alva, a young mom, was hurried to the healthcare facility after what seemed like a suicide attempt. Her household really felt that had not been the case and believed she was a victim of nasty play. Jessica’s tale is included in the 2nd fifty percent of Investigation Discovery’s ‘Still a Mystery: Suspicious Circumstances.’ While the cops ruled her eventual death a self-destruction, the family has actually remained to defend an investigation into the instance. So, allow’s learn even more regarding what happened then, shall we?

How Did Jessica Alva Die?

Jessica Nicole Alva was born in San Bernardino, California, in 1984. She was elevated in an Army family members as the 3rd of 4 youngsters, moving regularly till they worked out in Redding, California. Based on the show, the 35-year-old had a difficult past because of domestic physical violence in your house. She at some point ended up being a caring mom to six kids and had been working on her addiction after participating in a healing program.

At the time of the case, Jessica had actually been living in San Francisco, California, with her two youngest youngsters as well as her boyfriend, Clayton Rhoades. He called 911 at around 6:30 AM on April 2, 2019, to report that Jessica was unresponsive.

Was Jessica Alva Killed?

According to the program, Jessica had transferred to San Francisco in 2015, wishing for a fresh start with 2 of her kids. She seemed to be succeeding, mentoring others managing dependency, supporting for different reasons, and finding her Native American heritage. As per the show, Jessica began to correspond with Clayton, a childhood buddy. He remained in jail and also had a fierce criminal history; Clayton was founded guilty of second-degree break-in and battery on a peace officer. The show additionally specified that he had a background of residential violence.

After Clayton was launched from prison, he moved in with Jessica as well as her two youngsters. Jessica’s family members mentioned that she wasn’t permitted to go out alone or call any individual without him being present.

While Jessica was on life support at the local hospital, the family noticed a number of cuts and contusions on her body and also some dried blood originating from her mouth. Enjoyed ones also remembered Jessica calling her Godmother a few days prior, expressing issue for her kids’s security as well as claiming she was scared of Clayton. When the cops initially doubted Clayton, he offered a false name, and also they failed to inspect his recognition.

After an initial judgment of suicide, the family asserted that the authorities didn’t consider the instance up until Jessica’s mommy posted about the issue on social networks. Jessica’s liked others and ones hailing from the Native American community declared that the authorities messed up the investigation. Clayton and some others stayed at Jessica’s home in the days that followed, and also when her family members ultimately had access to the house, it scented like bleach.

On April 1, 2019, witnesses reported a case of misuse between Clayton as well as Jessica. They were at a park with the kids when a mad Clayton was implicated of dragging and also hitting Jessica to an ATM nearby.

The authorities have actually maintained that the instance is non-active however open. The family has actually continued to think there was nasty play. Clayton claimed in April 2019, “I have actually accepted law enforcement each time they interviewed me; I have told them what took place. I showed them everything; I have actually responded to every concern to the very best of my abilities, and also I have absolutely nothing to conceal.” He was arrested in the very same month for a parole infraction however was released days later on due to capability concerns. Clayton has never been charged with respect to Jessica’s death.

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