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Jewel “Faye” Payne Now: Where is Jason Payne Mom Now?

Later on, the discussions he had with his mother, Jewel “Faye” Payne, while he was in prison led to more uncertainty. If you’re interested to find out even more concerning Jewel and also just how she was involved, here’s what we know.

Who is Jewel “Faye” Payne?

On December 11, 2007, Jason called 911 after declaring to find Nichole dead from a gunshot injury. She had been shot in the back of the head, and Austin was found in the garage, dead from a gunshot injury. The examination exposed that Jason had an intention to eliminate Nichole, a significant life insurance policy plan. The authorities believed that he staged the scene after killing Nichole and Austin, with inconclusive evidence directing in that direction.

While Jason was held in prison, he talked to his mom, Jewel, with the telephone calls being tape-recorded. Jewel claimed, “I’ve got the video clip of ya’ll in Nacogdoches (Texas).

Jewel informed him that she had the tapes in the closet, and also he asked her to destroy them by tearing them up and burning them. Later in the program, Jewel specified that she never ever located the tapes and also existed to her kid to keep him pleased.

Where is Jewel “Faye” Payne Today?

In October 2016, while Jason was serving a life sentence for the dual murders, Jewel was arrested in regard to the very same situation. She was charged of attempted witness tampering. Jewel’s niece told the cops that at one point, Jewel asked to meet, and also they went for a car ride. The niece tape-recorded their discussion. In it, Jewel talked about locating a person to threaten a lifesaver that attended Nichole and Austin’s criminal activity scene and afterwards testified at trial.

Jewel desired the EMT intimidated into withdrawing her previous declaration. She additionally desired the niece to see if the EMT had “a child or somebody you can endanger to harm.” Not simply that, there were call in between Jason and also Jewel where they talked about the meet-up with the niece. Jewel apparently pled guilty to the witness tampering charge in October 2017 as well as was anticipated to obtain ten years probation in addition to 500 hrs of social work. Ever since, Jewel, now regarding 79, has actually maintained a low profile. From what we can inform, she lives in Logansport, Louisiana, yet very little else is known about what she presently does.

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