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JJ Vallow Grandparents: Where Are Kay and Larry Woodcock Now?

As a three-episode docudrama series that digs deep right into the instance of Lori Vallow Daybell, Netflix’s ‘Sins of Our Mother’ can just be called equivalent parts grasping, disturbing, as well as baffling. That’s due to the fact that it charts not simply her complex love with Chad Guy Daybell however also her trip towards religious extremism, in addition to the method it all integrated might’ve allegedly driven them to murder. For now, if you want to find out more about the loudest voices demanding pure justice in connection to this issue– Kay and also Larry Woodcock– we’ve got the necessary details for you.

That Are Kay and Larry Woodcock?

It was back in the mid-2000s that Kay and Larry initially came across Lori (after that Lori Cox Ryan) as she would certainly just begun a major participation with the previous’s brother Leland “Charles” Anthony Vallow. They apparently at first thought highly of Lori given that she treated her companion well despite their 17-year age space and was also a specialized mom to her two young children from previous unions. So they asked the relatively young couple (in 2013) if they would certainly embrace their very own grandnephew (Kay and also Larry’s grandson) owing to the treatment he needed as a result of his autism medical diagnosis, as well as they gladly concurred.

Lori’s brood thus ended up being Colby Jordan Ryan, Tylee Ashlyn Ryan, as well as Joshua Jaxon “JJ” Vallow; Charles also had 2 biological boys from his previous marriage, however they apparently shared wardship. Kay and Larry were really the first to see the 2 children were missing out on upon being not able to obtain in touch with JJ given that August, driving them to get in touch with the authorities for a welfare check.

Unfortunately, the welfare check swiftly turned into two missing individual’s instances, which then spiraled into a hunt for the minors, in addition to Lori and also Chad, for some much-needed answers. The grandparents even used an extensive $20,000 incentive to any person with trustworthy, concrete details regarding the 16-year-old and/or the 7-year-old’s location, yet fruitless. They did assume Lori could be keeping the youngsters away merely due to the fact that Charles had removed her to make Kay the single beneficiary of his $1 million life insurance policy plan, yet they never ever envisioned the children would be dead.

Where Are Kay as well as Larry Woodcock Today?

” Did we believe that [Lori and also Chad] may have placed them in a cult someplace, or maintained them off the grid to conceal them? Definitely,” Larry confessed to People back in 2020. “But did we believe that they would certainly damage those children? No chance. I still can not fathom what they did to this day. I get up sometimes as well as I am so upset at what they’ve done.” On the other hand, Kay can’t believe she as soon as relied on and also enjoyed Lori enough to pass her an innocent life, which causes her such a deep, emotional pain she can not even bring herself to let it go.

The pair now truly just desires to understand why. From what we can tell, Kay and Larry stay in Lake Charles, Louisiana, at the minute. We ought to state Larry believes Lori “played the system” by making herself seem inept to stand test, so he’s pleased she has actually lastly been ruled fit, and also he can’t wait to encounter her in court.

” At some point in time, she’s going to look at us,” Larry said. Kay included that they desire Lori to “feel us breathing down her neck.”

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