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Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor: Where Are the Redditors Now?

Netflix’s ‘Consume the Rich: The GameStop Legend’ is a three-part docuseries that looks at just how GameStop’s supply cost boosted to huge elevations in very early 2021 after a number of financiers appeared to adhere to Keith Gill AKA Roaring Feline’s suit and also got shares in the firm. At the time, the sensation was called a brief press, and this created several hedge funds to shed cash because they wager against the firm whose stock cost instantly increased.

Joe Fonicello and also Abbe Minor, young 20-somethings traveling along the west shore in 2020, also purchased GameStop, earning money while doing so. So, if you’re wondering where they might be today, we’ve obtained you covered. Allow’s discover then, shall we?

Who Are Joe Fonicello and also Abbe Minor?

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the globe, Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor determined to take a trip in a sprinter van. Until then, they had been living at home and also travelling to their courses at the College of Connecticut. So, the couple utilized the money they conserved to take a trip throughout the pandemic. At the time, Joe as well as Abbe were looking to make additional money while traveling and also determined to try their hand at spending.

Based on the show, Joe stumbled upon a post on WallStreetBets on Reddit by Alvan Chow. It was about GameStop as well as how the company’s supply price would certainly go up in the complying with months. Joe thought it was worth experimenting with and determined to purchase a couple of shares. By the summertime of 2020, Keith Gill, one more fellow investor, began posting on YouTube as Roaring Kitty and talked about GameStop being an excellent investment. Joe and Abbe were hooked to those video clips as soon as possible.

In January 2021, Joe discovered that Ryan Cohen, an entrepreneur, was obtaining three seats on the GameStop board. Because he thought the price was concerning to go up, this prompted Joe to place in whatever was left of his cost savings right into acquiring GameStop shares. In the long run, it exercised for Joe and also Abbe since they initially acquired each share at around $9, and according to the show, they got 40 times the return on investment.

Where Are Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor Today?

Joe Fonicello and also Abbe Minor continued to travel throughout 2020 and were featured in an Insider meeting in the direction of the end of that year. Abbe chatted about just how it was hard for them to remain motivated for college while frequently traveling and visiting brand-new areas. Joe as well as Abbe likewise dealt with the time area difference and also inconsistent wi-fi.

Joe has a bachelor’s level in advertising and marketing as well as presently works numerous tasks. Apart from that, Joe is the Head of Operations for, a website that keeps track of all the research study that financiers brought out prior to spending in GameStop.

Joe and Abbe are presently based in San Diego, California. Abbe has a bachelor’s level in Real Estate and also Urban Economics. Previously, she functioned as a portrait artist, housesitting and also canine strolling company, job manager, as well as property management companion. In February 2021, Abbe started Sun Built, a company that makes and produces camper vans with custom-made installations, as well as Joe is the founder. The couple is active on Instagram and also has continued taking a trip in the past couple of months.

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