John and Mei-Lian: Where Are Jenny Lin Parents Now?

John and Mei-Lian: Where Are Jenny Lin Parents Now?

The discovery of 14-year-old Jenny Lin’s corpse at their home in Castro Valley, California, devastated her parents, John and Mei-Lian Lin. Throughout the years, the loving parents have actually seriously searched for solutions yet have not discovered several. Nobody understands who eliminated Jenny and why, but John and also Mei-Lian have remained to fight for justice. ‘MURDERED: Jenny Lin’ is a two-parter from Crime Junkie Podcast that looks into this really case. If you’re interested to locate out more concerning Jenny’s parents, here’s what we recognize.

That Are Jenny Lin’s Parents?

John as well as Mei-Lian Lin, originally from Taiwan, moved to the United States to seek their master’s degrees. They showed up in 1973, weding the list below year. Their first kid, Rhoda, was birthed in 1975, while they remained apart to complete their degrees. Ultimately, the household relocated to California as well as worked out in Castro Valley, with Jenny being birthed in 1980. By 1991, the Lins had actually moved to a new residence, and all seemed well with the household.

On May 27, 1994, John returned from work at around 6:45 PM to find Jenny in a pool of blood in the master bathroom. John then called 911 and attempted CPR on Jenny, but she was already dead. The police arrived, and Mei-Lian eventually learned of her daughter’s terrible fate.

John said, “Jenny is also valuable, as well crucial, for us to just attempt to hide away from her death. If I do not appear and do something, there’s no other way I can really feel tranquility in myself.” Besides setting up a toll-free hotline in the months after the murder, they arranged a candlelight vigil as well as a fundraising event to keep the limelight firmly on Jenny’s instance. John likewise told the authorities about a distressing experience he had a couple of weeks before the murder. While John went to the train terminal, a guy came near him claiming they had his daughter which he had a bargain for him. At the time, John drove and ignored the person house.

John’s children were risk-free, and also he didn’t assume much of it. The authorities, though, didn’t believe this had anything to do with Jenny’s murder. John and also Mei-Lian’s willpower seemed to settle in 2006 when the authorities announced that Sebastian Shaw, a serial killer in prison in Oregon, was the prime suspect in Jenny’s fatality. Mei-Lian claimed, “I have no chance I might envision that he or she would intend to hurt her. He is not a regular person. We have mixed sensations. We really feel relieved that the suspect has been named. But we are still extremely harmed by this. We still feel really hurt that our daughter was eliminated.”

Where Are Jenny Lin’s Parents Today?

The case remained unsolved over the years, with Sebastian Shaw being ruled out as a suspect in June 2022. John said in response, “We are still pretty frustrated that after all these years, the case is still not solved. The family also set up the Jenny Lin Foundation, which promotes child safety and music education for youth.

Today, it appears that John and Mei-Lian live in Southern California. John has a master’s degree in computer science and has previously worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, California. Apart from being on the Board of Directors for the Jenny Lin Foundation, she currently works as the Director of Information Technology for Continuing Education of the Bar, a law practice in Oakland, California.

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