John Andrew Ramsey: Where is JonBenét’s Brother Now?

John Andrew Ramsey: Where is JonBenét's Brother Now?

On the show, JonBenét’s half-brother, John Andrew Ramsey, chatted about what went via his mind when he found out concerning his sister’s death and how the household dealt with it later. If you’re interested to find out more regarding him, right here’s what we recognize!

Who is John Andrew Ramsey?

John Andrew is just one of 3 youngsters John Ramsey had with his first spouse, Lucinda Pasch. His older sis, Elizabeth, died in an accident in 1992. At the time of JonBenét’s murder, Andrew had to do with 23 years of ages as well as a student at the University of Colorado. He had actually been spending time with his various other sis as well as mother in Atlanta, Georgia, and also was supposed to meet JonBenét et cetera of the household in Michigan after that.

While at the airport terminal in Atlanta, Andrew and also his sis learned of their half-sister’s kidnapping, with him adding, “I assume I was paged or I was handed a note by among the flight attendants claiming that I required to call residence. I shouted and also shouted and kicked to get on the airplane to Denver … I remember simply thinking as well as refining everything.” By the time they reached Boulder, JonBenét’s body had actually been found.

The ransom need of $118,000 was the precise quantity that John obtained as an incentive from his firm. There was likewise foreign DNA on JonBenét’s body directing to another individual’s participation. Andrew kept in mind that the household supplied blood examples and also fingerprints to remove their name.

Andrew was likewise crucial of just how Boulder police managed the investigation, saying, “We lost our sibling as well as our daughter, a family member. We were victims, and also the actual individuals that we assumed were gon na come in and also protect us as well as help us were pointing the finger at us. We were simply normal people, and after that all of a sudden, our world just obtained shaken up.”

Where is John Andrew Ramsey Now?

Over the years, JonBenét’s murder has actually continued to be unresolved, however the authorities have actually maintained that the examination is continuous. In 2008, John, Patsy, and also their son, Burke, were cleared of any type of involvement after innovative DNA testing. Andrew has actually since remained hopeful that DNA would at some point assist catch the awesome yet put the obligation with the Boulder Police Department.

Andrew stated, “The instance lives with the Boulder Police Department, and also they aren’t listening, so we’ll have to apply some stress to get them to listen to some experts. It’s gon na take hard work; it’s gon na take passion … If you do not have the heart, it doesn’t obtain resolved. And the reality is, the Boulder Police do not have the heart.” Now in his 40s, Andrew is additionally energetic on Twitter, sharing tales concerning unsolved and also cool instances.

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