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John Carpenter Would Love to Revisit The Thing in a Sequel With Kurt Russell


John Wood employee is originate to developing a sequel to 2 of his most iconic 1980s efforts, The Factor and Prince of Darkness. Due to the the sizzling emergence of so-called legacy sequels, with 2018’s Halloween being one of many most winning examples, Wood employee spoke with Fandom about which of his various hits he would favor to revisit.

“Perchance The Factor. Perchance Prince of Darkness. I will look fairly bit more of that. Nonetheless we’ll look. You under no circumstances know in this industry. You in actuality don’t.”

Now, don’t ranking it bent, Blumhouse Productions are at mask engaged on a mission basically based around The Factor, however this could perchance well just reportedly be a reboot-slash-retelling in plight of a put together-up. With this in mind, it appears that Wood employee is additionally originate to exploring the extra adventures of Kurt Russell’s MadReady in The Factor 2.

“Oh, man. Neatly [clears throat], I true mediate there’s one other little bit of a fable to utter there, which I’m no longer going to utter you about. Nonetheless there non-public been some discussions about The Factor and what we could perchance well enact because, as a ways as everyone is conscious of, both these two main characters – Childs [Keith David] and MacReady [Kurt Russell] — are restful alive. They non-public been alive at the tip of The Factor, so perhaps they’re restful alive.”

A sequel to The Factor is principally something that fans of the cult awe classic could perchance well perchance be very uncommon to gape. Nonetheless, would Kurt Russell return? Wood employee appears to mediate it will also happen…

“I don’t know. Perchance.”

While The Factor follows a neighborhood of American compare scientists in faraway Antarctica who stumble upon a parasitic extra-terrestrial, Prince of Darkness in an identical diagram follows a minute gang of quantum physics students in Los Angeles who’re asked to support a Catholic priest in investigating an dilapidated cylinder of liquid found in a monastery, which they arrive to search out is a sentient, liquid embodiment of Satan. Prince of Darkness has been described by John Wood employee because the 2nd installment in what the filmmaker calls his “Apocalypse Trilogy,” which begins with The Factor and concludes with Within the Mouth of Madness, and unquestionably they all lend themselves to extra exploration.

So, with the Halloween legacy sequels demonstrating such extensive success with stylish audiences, could perchance well we glance John Wood employee revisit diagram more of his support catalog?

The Factor Reboot Will Observe the Expanded Model of John W. Campbell Jr’s Novella

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While crucial aspects of Blumhouse Productions’ reboot of The Factor dwell largely a thriller, it has been reported that the mission will put together Frozen Hell, the unearthed expanded version of John W. Campbell Jr’s novella “Who Goes There?,” which served because the foundation for Wood employee’s The Factor.

John Wood employee himself no longer too lengthy ago teased style on the mission, revealing that there non-public been updates, however that he has been sworn to absolute secrecy. “There are updates that I am no longer allowed to focus on of,” he acknowledged. “We’ll look, we are going to compile a diagram to seem. Never order under no circumstances in the movie industry, under no circumstances order under no circumstances.”

Could well well perchance The Factor reboot be made alongside The Factor 2? Can you ever in actuality non-public too mighty of The Factor? The resolution, for sure, is no.

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