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John Scher: Where is Woodstock ’99 Promoter Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99’ diving deep into the confusing ways the counterculture songs event spiraled completely out of control, the factors behind it get a proper spotlight. Thus, of course, because there were not just societal or also financial but cultural triggers for the chaotic debacle, promoter John Scher is right at the front and also facility of this three-part original. Now, if you wish to learn even more about him– with a certain emphasis on his past, his experiences, his handling of Woodstock, as well as his present standing– we’ve obtained the details for you.

Who is John Scher?

New Jersey indigenous John Scher has actually apparently been a music-marketing lover considering that he was a child, and also he’s never ever really transformed his ways to guarantee his instinctive success in the field. That’s since despite the fact that neither he nor his household is musical, the West Orange Mountain High School grad just discovered his calling throughout his student year at Long Island University. He was going after a Political Science degree, purportedly without any passion in any kind of business, yet he fell for amusement upon going to a show committee conference on sheer impulse.

John for this reason began functioning as a part-time promoter, just to quit of university around a year later on as he was already making sufficient money for survival as well as desired to expand additionally. He after that offered at Capitol Theatre for nearly 18 years before holding the setting of President at Polygram Diversified Entertainment for 5, during which he handled to make a reputation for himself. From backing Bruce Springsteen during his very early days to scheduling concerts by big bands throughout unique locations to being behind the Woodstock music event via his company, he did it all.

The concern, nevertheless, is that the owner of Metropolitan Entertainment has never ever acknowledged the coordinators’/ marketers’ role in the failure of Woodstock ’99, as evidenced by the Netflix original. Actually, apart from this manufacturing along with the preliminary interview, John has actually even given various other meetings throughout the years to explain the whole traumatic scenario from his perspective. “The awful things that took place was caused by people who have an issue,” he as soon as claimed. “If you’re raping ladies, establishing things ablaze, looting, in my estimation, that’s somebody who’s deranged. Nobody does those kinds of things due to the fact that a hotdog is $3 as opposed to $2.50.”.

Where is John Scher Now?

While there’s no refuting John Scher is frequently good at what he does, we can not deny the fact a number of guests, volunteers, and press reporters have claimed the handling of the celebration fueled the troubles. The promoter has actually argued this assertion, yet there were price concessions (like $4 for a bottle of water), not enough security/medical employees, the mobile toilets were overflowing, and also the free water was infected with feces, per ‘Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99.’.

As if that’s not enough, concerning the rape allegations, John stated in the docuseries, “Woodstock was actually like a little city, you know? All things considered, I ‘d claim that there would most likely be as numerous or extra rapes in any sized city of that. I’m not pardoning it; it was wrong, it was terrible … But thinking about there were 200,000 people there, it had not been something that gained adequate momentum so that it triggered any kind of on-site problems, other than, naturally, the ladies it happened to.” At another point, he implied that the nakedness at the occasion can’ve been a factor in everything.

Coming to his standing, from what we can tell, John not only continues to work as a promoter as well as President of Metropolitan Entertainment, however he’s additionally a Founding Board member of the non-profit Rex Foundation. It really shows up as if he stays in South Orange, New Jersey, at the moment, where he’s honored to share a household with his spouse Sheri– he has 2 adult daughters and also is a grandpa. We must mention he when likewise made use of to be a Board Member for the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

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