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John Volanthen: Where is the Cave Diver Now?

Amazon Prime’s ‘Thirteen Lives’ focuses on the events that adhere to when a team of football players is caught in a flooded cave with their young coach. As thousands of volunteers merge from all over the globe to assist in the rescue, a telephone call is made out to some of the most established cave scuba divers in the globe.

Played by Colin Farrell, Volanthen is a tranquil as well as made up individual who is ready to do whatever it takes to bring the young boys house securely. It, however, does not inform us what occurred to John Volanthen after that.

Where is John Volanthen Today?

John Volanthen lives in Bristol, UK, and also works as a senior IT consultant at Comparket Ltd. A grad of the University of Westminster, he has actually developed as well as offered two IT companies. He has combined his expertise in electronic devices and also diving to develop new equipment and strategies for risk-free cave diving. He is a member of the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team as well as takes part in rescue missions around the world. Being a private person, he doesn’t divulge much about his individual life, though it is recognized that he has a kid called Matthew. His Facebook profile specifies that he’s in a connection with Claire Forster.

Volanthen ended up being interested in caving when he got and was a precursor into cave diving when he was in university. He recognizes the significance of creating passions in such sports at an early age, which is why he offers as Scout area caving consultant in Somerset, where he presents youngsters to the sport, encouraging them to pursue it while likewise discovering skills like maintaining calmness under pressure and the significance of team effort.

Following the rescue procedure in Thailand, he received the Bronze Cross, which is awarded for the act of heroism in extreme scenarios. While he has actually obtained many awards as well as honors and has actually been commemorated as a hero for his actions in Thailand, Volanthen considers himself simply another normal person. No, we were just making use of a really unique skill set, which we normally make use of for our very own interests, and in some cases we are able to use that and also provide something back to the community,” he said.

In spite of playing a critical duty in their lives, Volanthen has maintained his distance from bush Boars. “The last point I would certainly desire is for them or their parents to really feel beholden to anyone,” he informed inews. He even rejected the invite to visit the collection of ‘Thirteen Lives’ in Australia and liked to home-school his adolescent son, Matthew. As for the experience of helping save the thirteen lives that come to be the emphasis of Ron Howard’s movie, he stated: “Across the whole rescue, the important things that I took the most joy in was being able to fulfill the parents and not need to claim: ‘I’m sorry for your loss.’ I appreciate that is fairly a negative point, but I don’t believe anything will eclipse that.”

Volanthen, that likewise runs marathons, considers himself “even more Clark Kent than Superman” as well as is known to stay tranquil at all times, whether it is in a media meeting or in the rough depths of water. He preserved a similar disposition following his return from Thailand, for which he has, apparently, been awarded totally free trips for life. As I look back, it’s interesting to see how I’ve established from them as well as come up with a set of policies,” he stated.

It was throughout the Covid-19 lockdown that he began to think concerning all the things he’s found out, not just from his work in Thailand yet all the various other rescue as well as cave diving experiences. Instead of creating his life tale, he chose to offer a collection of lessons to the viewers. His publication, titled ‘Thirteen Lessons that Saved Thirteen Lives: The Thai Cave’, was released in 2021.

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