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Joshua Ford Son: Where is Zachary Ford Now?

On the program, Joshua’s son, Zachary Ford, shared some stories regarding his dad and just how the fatality affected him as well as transformed his life. Allow’s locate out more concerning Zachary after that, shall we?

That is Zachary Ford?

Zachary Ford explained Joshua as a wonderful dad that was social as well as made pals swiftly. Zachary was only 2-years-old when his dad and mother separated, but he was close to both. Despite spending most of his time with his mommy, he constantly took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts, for concerning 6 to 8 weeks to be with Joshua. Zachary remembered his dad enjoying after fulfilling Geney in 1999.

In May 2002, when Zachary was just 8-years-old, Joshua as well as Geney went missing out on. At the time, all Zachary might do was stay quiet and also not speak to anyone for a long time while the authorities worked difficult to bring the ones responsible to justice.

At some point, incriminating proof versus BJ and Erika led to their apprehension, along with Erika’s statements. Joshua and Geney’s kindness inevitably led them to their fatalities. On the night of their murders, the couple offered to spend for BJ and also Erika’s bus fare, and the four ultimately ended up hanging out at BJ and also Erika’s apartment. While it’s vague precisely what dropped in your home, it ended with Joshua as well as Geney being murdered, severed, and disposed of.

Where is Zachary Ford Today?

On the show, Zachary spoke about struggling to grow up without the existence of his dad. However, what happened spurred him to attend law institution, finishing from the Texas A&M University School of Law in 2019 with a Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree in Criminal Justice/Police Science. After functioning as a trainee with an area court, the Texas Attorney General, and the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office in Texas, Zachary functioned as the Assistant Criminal District Attorney in Tarrant County in November 2019.

In September 2021, Zachary was used as a Judicial Law Clerk at the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals for a year and also presently functions as a Litigation Associate at a private firm. He has been married to Katelyn Ford given that 2019 and enjoys traveling with his family. Just recently, Zachary moved from Austin, Texas, to Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas.

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