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K-pop music exports break new records this year, ‘in front of your eyes’… Large/Rookie Twins

As K-pop continues to gain popularity around the world this year, there is a growing possibility that annual music exports will again hit an all-time high following last year.

It is analyzed that large K-pop stars, led by BTS, led the popularity, and new girl groups such as Ive and New Jeans supported the market.

According to the import and export trade statistics of the Korea Customs Service on the 18th, the amount of album exports from January to November of this year was 215.698 million dollars (282.1 billion won), and the annual export amount from January to December last year was 220.85 million dollars (28.89 billion won). billion) was approaching.

If the amount of album exports in December records more than 5.162 million dollars (6.8 billion won), it will break the all-time high.

As the K-pop boom continued, monthly record exports have never been less than $5.2 million since April 2020, when the first pandemic of Corona 19 hit $4.464 million (5.9 billion won).

From January to November this year, album exports increased by 5.6% compared to the same period last year. By country of export, Japan ranked first with 77,513,000 dollars (101.4 billion won). China ranked second with 50.879 million dollars (66.5 billion won), and the United States ranked third with 35.288 million dollars (46.2 billion won). Following this, Taiwan, Thailand, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia and France were surveyed as the ‘Top 10′ export destinations for K-pop albums. Malta, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Iceland were included as countries that have exported K-pop albums, drawing attention.

In particular, in the case of China, exports increased by 22.5% from January to November of this year compared to the same period last year, despite the fact that K-pop stars’ activities such as local concerts were blocked due to the ‘Korean Wave’.

An official in the music industry said, “K-pop is gaining popularity ‘spontaneously’ among local music fans in China, mainly online, in a situation where direct marketing through TV and performances has been blocked since the Korean Wave.” K-pop is already a popular phenomenon. said it was Another official analyzed, “This year, 3 to 4 local companies that sell K-pop albums in China entered Korea. The recent boom in K-pop album exports is interpreted as a ‘return benefit’ due to the inability to hold concerts during the pandemic.

It is an analysis that the fans soothed the disappointment of not being able to see the concert by opening their wallets to purchase the album. In addition, even though the endemic period has arrived this year, it is evaluated that exports of albums continue to grow as the K-pop Korean wave heats up in the global village. An official from the music industry said, “The quality of music content made in Korea is high.” “There is a big language barrier for other cultural content, but in music, the language problem is not important. Even if you don’t understand English, don’t you listen to pop songs well?” pointed out

Choi Kwang-ho, secretary-general of the Korea Music Contents Association, said, “This year, besides BTS, there have been many outstanding new singers.

“In the past, monthly album sales rose sharply in the month when big singers like BTS came out, then dropped the following month, but these days, monthly sales are maintained to some extent,” he said. “BTS raised K-pop awareness worldwide. And the market is maintained because good singers are produced.”

In fact, this year, BTS’ anthology album ‘Proof’ and Stray Kids’ ‘MAXIDENT’ were certified as ‘Triple Million’ (single album sold over 3 million copies) based on the circle chart.

Blackpink, NCT Dream, and Seventeen have sold more than 2 million copies.

BTS Jin, NCT 127, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Twice, Ive, Ateez, ENHYPEN, Espa, etc. have achieved the record of ‘Million’ (single album sold over 1 million copies).

In addition to new albums, Kubo (past release albums) were also sold steadily, and BTS’s’MAP OF THE SOUL: 7′, released in February 2020, recorded more than 5 million copies in cumulative sales.

Among them, despite being a rookie, Ive has emerged as the hottest potato in the music industry this year, recording three consecutive hits from his debut song ‘ELEVEN’ to ‘Love Dive’ and ‘After LIKE’.

Secretary General Choi said, “The K-pop Hallyu craze like this year will not suddenly go away for some reason,” and added, “I think the prospects are good because next year, leading agencies will release new singers one after another and invest more.”

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