Kandi Hall: Where is Rob Hall’s Wife Now?

Kandi Hall: Where is Rob Hall's Wife Now?

Examination Discovery’s ‘Til Death Us Do Part: Three Pops and also a Pause’ narrates two wearing away marital relationships finishing in a sleazy event and also a fatal shootout. Emmett Corrigan was fired to fatality by Rob Hall in the parking area of a drug store in Meridian, Idaho. Emmett, a family man himself, was having an event with Kandi Hall, Rob’s better half. She was the only witness to the occurrence in between both and affirmed at Rob’s trial. So, if you’re interested about what occurred to her since then, here’s what we understand!

That is Kandi Hall?

Kandi had actually been wed to Rob Hall for greater than a years and had 2 adolescent children at the time of the event. The household had relocated to Meridian from California. Rob operated in IT at the neighborhood sheriff’s division at the time. By September 2010, Kandi had actually been terminated from the law practice she had been working at as well as was seeking a new task. A mutual friend introduced her to Emmett, who after that employed her as a paralegal at his law practice.

Kandi’s marital relationship to Rob had actually been shaky at the time. She had told others that Rob was violent as well as claimed he had an affair. Kandi’s co-worker likewise specified that Rob hit Kandi in the past, leaving her with bruises. As for Kandi, she started an affair with Emmett within weeks of fulfilling him. She had actually additionally explored obtaining a divorce from Rob. Emmett and Kandi checked out a legal representative’s workplace to enquire relating to the very same on the day of the incident. Rob had been preparing to move out of the house on March 11, 2011, when Kandi returned house from job.

Kandi after that drove to the neighborhood pharmacy, where she met Emmett, later admitting to having sex with him in his cars and truck. During Kandi’s initial meeting with the police, she refuted having an event with Emmett. At Rob’s test, Kandi took the stand.

Kandi’s declarations were various from what she initially told the authorities. In the end, Rob and also Kandi had integrated, as well as she specified that she was dedicated to her marriage.

Where is Kandi Hall Now?

Kandi got in difficulty with the regulation after being detained in May 2011 for stealing from her previous company. She begged guilty in 2012 to the charges of grand burglary and computer scams. A judge sentenced Kandi to 14 years in prison. She had to serve a minimum of 2 years before being eligible for parole. The judge after that placed her on a kept territory program, enabling her to serve six months in a prison-based therapy program. Kandi was released from jail in June 2014 and will remain on probation till 2026. Since then, Kandi has actually stayed away from the spotlight, as well as not much is known about her present location.

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