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Katie Griggs Now: Where is Christian Griggs Ex-Wife Now?

On the current episode of Investigation Discovery’s ‘True Crime Story: It Couldn’t Happen Here,’ the customers discover the tragic story of a young papa. Christian Griggs was gunned down outside his estranged father-in-law’s home after he arrived to get his then-4-year-old daughter, Jaden. Katie Griggs, that had been divided from Christian, was inside the house when the shooting occurred. So, if you’re questioning what took place to her, here’s what we understand.

That is Katie Griggs?

Katie met Christian at Harnett Central High School in North Carolina, as well as the 2 began dating quickly after. Katie obtained pregnant throughout their senior year, and their little girl, Jaden, was born in November 2008, just months after high institution graduation.

Christian’s parents later on specified that Katie would commonly implicate them of disrespecting her. Stress were high in between every person included, with Katie’s moms and dads and Christian’s moms and dads not fulfilling till four months after the pair’s January 2009 wedding celebration.

Later, Christian as well as Katie bought a residence in Harlem, Georgia, however their time there was marked by numerous issues. In May 2012, Katie called 911 to report that Christian had secured himself with a gun; she thought he would certainly eliminate himself. In September 2012, while Katie was in Georgia, she called 911 to say that Christian had actually threatened to kill himself.

The following day, she remained in Angier and called 911 once again, claiming Christian declined to leave and that they said concerning Jaden’s custodianship. The couple tried to make it work again prior to lastly calling it quits in 2013. Christian obtained Jaden on alternative weekend breaks, and on October 11, 2013, he mosted likely to pick her up. However, a disagreement occurred, as well as Katie later told the authorities that Christian removed an AC system as well as damaged a home window. That exact same night, Katie and also Pat had warrants composed for Christian’s apprehension for going into and also breaking and domestic criminal trespass.

On the morning of October 12, 2013, Christian returned to grab Jaden, but what took place later on stayed concerned. Pat informed the authorities that Christian was angry as well as had been endangering. So, the pastor asked his daughter to enter into your home. After that, Pat declared that Christian began banging on the doors and windows of the residence and also wanted Katie to come out. Katie, who said she had actually been concealing in a storage room before the shooting, called 911 and affirmed Christian intimidating them and also burglarizing the house. Ultimately, Pat claimed to have fired his separated son-in-law in protection.

Where is Katie Griggs Today?

Katie Griggs’ account of the occasion was sealed by the court in Harnett County, North Carolina, with just Pat’s version of the occasions publicly readily available. She was present at her father’s wrongful fatality test filed by Christian’s moms and dads, where he was inevitably discovered civilly responsible. For now, Katie has safekeeping of Jaden, who is a young adult today.

As of 2018, Katie Griggs has actually been in legal back-and-forth with Christian’s parents concerning their accessibility to Jaden. In the years that complied with, Katie remarried, as well as in January 2018, filed documents for Jaden to take her hubby’s name.

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