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Kausar Mohammed New The Flash Season 8 Star Teases Dr. Meena Dhawan Backstory Reveals

Among the current recurring celebrities to sign up with the ever-growing actors of The Flash, Kausar Mohammed, teases what remains in shop for her speedster personality, Dr. Meena Dhawan, later in the season. Initially being developed as the initial offshoot of successful The CW series Arrow, The Flash premiered in October 2014 to praise from both followers as well as doubters alike, who applauded the efficiencies of the actors, the writing, and the show’s manufacturing value. Ever since, the collection has taken place to extend 8 successive seasons, with The Flash season 9 currently.

The Flash focuses on the titular scarlet speedster from the comics, additionally referred to as Barry Allen, as he suddenly wakes from a nine-month coma with brand-new, meta-human abilities of super-speed as well as relies on a vigilante profession as the Flash. The skilled cast of the series includes the likes of Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Danielle Nicolet, Kayla Compton, Brandon McKnight, as well as Jesse L. Martin. Throughout the seasons, numerous new characters have actually regularly been presented, and with a season 8 addition being Dr. Dhawan, that is also a speedster called Fast Track as well as has actually consented to be mentored by the Flash.

In the interview with TVLine, Mohammed speaks about what audiences can anticipate from today’s episode, teasing a look at Dr. Meena Dhawan’s backstory. Throughout the rest of the article, the actor additionally deals with whether her character will certainly be an ally for Team Flash, and her wish for a super-suit of her very own. Review Mohammed’s remarks listed below:

I assume what individuals can anticipate is discovering more regarding her backstory. I actually was attracted to the character after checking out in the comic books just how Dr. Meena Dhawan was sort of struck with stabilizing these new powers that she really did not know what do perform with. That psychological arc was something I was drawn to, and you get to see that backstory as the episodes take place.

As formerly stated, practically every season of the series has been dedicated to introducing a brand-new ally or adversary for Team Flash. Some past instances consist of Ralph Dibny, introduced in season 4, Jay Garrick, presented in season 2, and also the different variations of Harrison Wells from their respective periods. While these declare instances, there are likewise intros that have actually become villains, such as Hunter Zolomon who acted to be Jay Garrick, shocking both Team Flash and the audience.

With this apparently strong comic link coming straight from the star herself, target markets can be excited for Meena Dhawan/Fast Track to obtain an exact portrayal on the tv. Looking at so many characters presented in the past, her status as either an ally or enemy is yet to be seen. In any case, target markets will need to catch up on the most recent episode of The Flash season 8 in order to find out more about Dr. Dhawan, which aired June 15 on The CW.

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