Kayla Laws: Where is Cyber Hacking Survivor Now?

Kayla Laws: Where is Cyber Hacking Survivor Now?

As a true-crime documentary collection that meets its title by diving deep right into the life of Hunter Edward Moore, Netflix’s ‘The Most Hated Man on the web’ is as confounding as it is gripping. That’s since this three-part initial provides a full insight into not simply the vengeance porn website Is Anyone Up? founder’s malicious activities however additionally his probable, needlessly self-centered motives. Among those that willingly feature to share their side of the story as a target is none other than Kayla Laws– so now, if you wish to get more information regarding her, we’ve got the information for you.

That is Kayla Laws?

It was back in October 2011 when aspiring actress Kayla Laws took a few intimate photos of herself in front of her bed room mirror simply for fun and later e-mailed them to herself for safekeeping. Little did the Los Angeles indigenous understand, however, that she would quickly be hacked, as well as those pictures, along with web links to her social media accounts, would certainly end up on Is Anyone Up?

Kayla was at her work as a waitress when she discovered she ‘d been uploaded on the website– there was a partially nude photo amidst a few clothed ones– which turned her universe inverted. She immediately called Charlotte Laws– her support group, friend, and mother– who, consequently, squandered no time getting to work to make sure there was no trace of her child on the awful site. Nonetheless, their elimination demands were neglected even after they supplied proof of the hacking as well as claimed copyright, through which factor complete strangers had actually begun calling Kayla online, more traumatizing her.

The young person deactivated her accounts, closed herself in, and truthfully lost a little hope as well, that is, until her stepfather, Charles, an attorney, obtained her pictures down. The issue was far from over, though, due to the fact that Charlotte had begun talking to various other targets, and they ‘d understood justice was seriously needed, leading a fight that lasted well right into 2015. The mother-daughter duo had actually originally talked with the regional authorities, just for them to supposedly indicate the blame was Kayla’s, according to the docu-series, so the reality the FBI was greater than eager to help out was a large alleviation.

Where is Kayla Laws Now?

Kayla Laws was the only sufferer to make a statement throughout Hunter Moore as well as Charlie “Charles” Evens’ sentencing hearing in late 2015– a strength she has since confessed she gained from her mom. She said, in part,” [Seeker] called himself an expert life ruiner, which’s exactly what he did to me … I felt exposed, ashamed, and also burglarized splits. I was hoping no person would certainly see it, but within a day, I shed a role in a movie. Not to mention the 10s of countless complete strangers that saw, talked about, or perhaps also conserved the photo … I will carry the trauma of this experience with me for the remainder of my life.”

Despite every little thing she has been via, it appears as if Kayla continues to stay in Los Angeles, California, where she’s leading a good life as an accomplished real estate representative at Coldwell Banker Realty. She has in fact sold more than $32 million worth of building over the years by focusing on not simply her base city but likewise areas like the San Fernando Valley, the Santa Clarita Valley, and also Ventura.

We have to state that she linked the knot with her long-time companion, the love of her life, in a beautiful ceremony on July 10, 2022, as well as thus goes by the name Kayla Laws Collins now. The undeniably devoted realtor, pet enthusiast, and also committed family members woman is still incredibly close to her mom, which indicates Kayla is flawlessly content presently.

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