Keanu Reeves Makes A Youth Fan Day While Answering Questions At The Airport

Keanu Reeves Makes A Youth Fan Day While Answering Questions At The Airport

Keanu Reeves once again proves he’s the nicest guy in Hollywood after he makes a young fan’s day at the airport. While nowadays Reeves is best known for his role in the John Wick franchise business, where he plays among the world’s most dangerous assassins, the actor’s job dates back to the mid-1980s. Reeves starred in Costs & Ted’s Exceptional Adventure in 1989, but it had not been till 1991’s Point Damage that his profession really took off, with the celebrity soon after appearing in Speed and afterwards The Matrix in 1999.

Although numerous celebrities that are recognized for activity film generally reduce as they enter their 50s, Reeves has, if anything, sped up. 2014’s John Wick spawned a highly effective franchise business and also thrust Reeves back to a brand-new degree of fame, with many dubbing the age the “Keanussance.” The success of the John Wick franchise, not to mention the launching of last year’s The Matrix Resurrections, have seen Reeves often making headings for his off-screen personality, which is typically called invariably kind. For instance, the actor lately talented a $10,000 Rolex watch to every participant of the John Wick 4 stunt team.

As recorded in a string of tweets from television manufacturer Andrew Kimmel, Reeves was waiting at luggage insurance claim when he was come close to by a young fan. The fan proceeded to ask a selection of concerns and, as Kimmel writes, Reeves stayed and addressed each and every single one before after that asking the fan some inquiries of his own. After the incident went viral, the young fan, now identified as 14-year-old Alex Katsanos, talked to ET regarding the encounter. He explained that, once he made certain it was Reeves, he got a pen from a steward and also a scrap of paper bag before approaching the celebrity for his autograph. Have a look at the original tweet thread and also Katsanos’ response to the moment going viral:

Regardless of the lethality as well as ruthlessness of his titular John Wick assassin, all tales point to Reeves being the precise reverse in real life, and also an enjoyment to be about. While some celebs make headings for uncomfortable interviews or imply fan encounters, Reeves is only ever described by followers as an absolute gentleman. Reeves’ designation as “the nicest guy in Hollywood” isn’t anything brand-new, either, with Speed co-star Sandra Bullock formerly describing the shock gift of sparkling wine and truffles that he obtained her after she made an offhand comment concerning never having actually tried either.

Although not every person will be fortunate enough to encounter Reeves while waiting at baggage claim, fans of the actor can see him next in DC Organization of Super-Pets, in which he articulates Batman. In addition to John Wick 4, the actor is also slated to show up in the upcoming novel adaptation, The Adversary in the White City, along with John Wick 5; both are presently in pre-production. As recording on those 2 projects obtain underway, it’s likely that a lot more followers (as well as fellow stars) will certainly have adequate chance to experience a trademark Keanu Reeves minute of kindness for themselves.

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