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Keith Papini: Where is Sherri’s Ex-Husband Now?

At the start of November 2016, Keith Papini’s then-wife, Sherri, relatively vanished after opting for a mid-day jog near their home in Redding, California. The hubby frantically searched for her, yet she only turned up around 3 weeks later on. In an odd spin, the authorities found out that Sherri’s insurance claim of being kidnapped wasn’t true; it was simply a sophisticated scam. ABC News’ ’20/20: The Vanishing Act’ concentrates on what occurred and how it altered the lives of individuals involved. So, if you’re asking yourself where Keith may be today, below’s what we understand.

Who is Keith Papini?

Keith Papini wed Sherri in 2009, and they had 2 youngsters together– a boy as well as a child. While November 2, 2016, began like any other day for the Papinis, points rapidly took a dark turn for the family. When she didn’t choose up their kids from kid treatment, Keith began looking for Sherri. So, Keith used the Find my apple iphone app to find her phone and also earbuds in Redding. At the time, he felt the mobile phone was placed there, which he thought about weird. Nonetheless, Keith reported Sherri missing the very same night.

Keith later on said, “Knowing that she didn’t pick up our children– there is no way that ever before occurs. Keith thought she had actually been kidnapped, adding, “Everybody that understands my spouse understands that there’s no reason for her to leave … She was definitely taken versus her will.”

Sherri really did not speak to the authorities, with Keith performing the first meeting with her. Throughout the entire point, Keith supported his spouse and also continued to be hopeful of the intended abductors’ apprehensions.

By 2020, they learned that Sherri’s kidnapping was a scam; she had actually planned the entire thing herself and had been living with a previous boyfriend, James Reyes. She had informed James that Keith was abusing her and wanted to obtain away from him. Keith, who was in the meeting space during this, was surprised at the brand-new information; he had stated Sherri being disloyal in the past.

Where is Keith Papini Today?

Sherri Papini was detained in March 2022 and begged guilty to government charges the following month. Keith divided from her on the day of her apprehension and then declared separation in April 2022. After more than a years of marital relationship, he mentioned difference of opinions and also wanted complete custody of their 2 kids, after that 9 and also 7. Apart from that, Keith desired all of their home and asked that Sherri only have actually managed visitation.

Keith said in the divorce filing, “Now that I have found out the reality, as mirrored in the appeal plan contract that she has actually made with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Sacramento, I should act decisively to shield my youngsters from the injury brought on by their mom and bring security and also calmness to their lives.” Since then, he has selected to keep away from the limelight and also has actually concentrated on increasing their boy as well as daughter. Keith stays in Mountain Gate, California, and has actually been trying to carry on with his life since.

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