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Kevin Smith Officially Finishes Post-Production on Clerks 3

Clerks 3 is all chopped up and ready to be screened. Throughout the sequel’s production project, author-director Kevin Smith has been rather originate along with his followers about its development by posting sleek updates along the capability. The filmmaker, who began his career with the distinctive Clerks in 1994, has now taken to Facebook to show that the film has formally wrapped post-production, now positioned into the hands of the studio.

Smith made the announcement by posting a throwback photo from the accumulate website of Jay and Quiet Bob Strike Support. For Smith, it’s been rather the creep he’s been on with these characters, and it all goes serve beefy-circle to having Clerks 3 as his most up-to-date film, bringing Jay and Quiet Bob serve to the Swiftly Destroy but once more. You’ll be ready to search for Smith’s post below.

“Wanna feel extinct along with me?” Smith says. “As you too can search for by the date within the corner of the pic and on the clapper, 21 years ago from this day, Jay Mewes and I were taking pictures this scene from Jay and Quiet Bob Strike Support! 21 years! This image is true to drink now! 19 years after it used to be snapped, Jason Mewes and I’d tour the sequel, Jay and Quiet Bob Reboot (indeed, 2 years ago from true now, we were arriving in Baltimore for the #rebootroadshowtour).”

He provides, “It occurs to me I’ve spent half my legitimate career pronouncing nothing – and I don’t *magnificent* mean intellectually and cinematically. It’s one in every of the explanations I focus on so worthy after I’m magnificent being me. So me is here to remark you that Clerks 3 is locked and brought to Lionsgate! I imagine we’ll search for the critical trailer by mid-Would possibly presumably well perchance also honest – no longer staunch via this day’s ad blitz. Interim, everybody smoke a huge bowl for me this day! I’m rooting for the Contemporary Jersey Devils to bewitch the pennant!”

Clerks 3 Is Inspired By Kevin Smith’s True-Existence Heart Assault

For a pair of years, Kevin Smith had wished to originate Clerks 3, but Randal Graves actor Jeff Anderson used to be no longer interested by doing a third film. Without Randal on board, Smith never saw the point in doing one other film. After Smith suffered a coronary heart assault, he used to be inspired to swap the ingenious imaginative and prescient he had for Clerks 3, imagining a brand sleek story with Randal going via something a similar. The trip has Randal taking pictures a film within the Swiftly Destroy worthy tackle Smith also did within the early 1990s.

The legitimate synopsis for Clerks 3 reads: “Following a big coronary heart assault, Randal enlists Dante, Elias, Jay and Quiet Bob to originate a film immortalizing his existence on the comfort store that started it all.”

Clerks 3 doesn’t have an legitimate unlock date, but with the trailer potentially coming in Would possibly presumably well perchance also honest, let’s hope we obtain to clock serve in on the Swiftly Destroy sooner than the stay of 2022.

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