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Kristin Chenoweth ‘almost died’ in accident on set of The Good Wife

Kristin Chenoweth opened up about her accident on the set of The Good Wife in 2012 during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! [via Variety]. The actress also said she regretted never having sued CBS, the broadcaster responsible for showing the series.

“I was immediately hospitalized and later found out I had suffered an 18cm fracture to my skull, another cut to my scalp, teeth and broken ribs,” she said. “It was a lighting fixture that fell on me. I just heard someone say, ‘We’re losing the light.’ I woke up next in the hospital.”

Chenoweth confessed that the decision not to sue CBS was made “out of fear and anxiety”. “Never let fear rule your life. I have scars from that accident to this day. I should have listened to my dad, who said I should sue. We’re not a family that sues for anything, but when you almost die in an incident like this…” he commented.

Emmy winner for Pushing Daisies and nominated other times for her appearances on Glee, Chenoweth appeared in two episodes of season 4 of The Good Wife, in 2012. The law series is available for streaming in Brazil by Paramount +.

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