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Laura Zapata Kidnapping: When and How Was She Abducted?

Netflix’s ‘Forever Queens,’ AKA ‘Siempre Reinas,’ follows iconic Mexican celebrities Lucía Méndez, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, as well as Lorena Herrera via their everyday lives. The truth program showcases the bonds in between the 4 ladies and their individual and professional battles. The series additionally offers the celebrities a platform to speak honestly about their past as well as how it has actually shaped their modern personas.

As the celebrities in the show talk regarding events from their lives, Laura Zapata’s regular referrals to her kidnapping have actually certainly captured the interest of the audience. The beloved actress often chats regarding how the occasion affected her and also her sister, Ernestina Sodi.

When and also How Were Laura Zapata as well as Ernestina Sodi Kidnapped?

Laura Guadalupe Zapata Miranda, extra typically referred to as Laura Zapata, is a half-sister to Ernestina Sodi, a celebrated Mexican writer. Both sis are little girls of Yolanda Miranda Mange via her various marital relationships. Both have 3 more sis, including Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda AKA Thalía, that is identified worldwide for her performing as well as vocal singing skills.

On September 22, 2002, Laura did in the beloved play ‘La casa de Bernarda Alba’ as Martírio “The Humpback.” After the play mored than, Laura as well as Ernestina left the San Rafael Theater in a red Volkswagen Jetta. Simply 5 blocks from the theatre, the sis’ automobile was obstructed by a car, and also males wearing black hoodies as well as handwear covers came out as well as smashed the Volkswagen’s home windows. According to individuals who saw the occasions unfold, the men then forced the siblings right into among the vehicles following them.

When the loved ones of the siblings were approached relating to the situation, they decreased to comment concerning their strategies pertaining to the whole occurrence and declared that they did not want regulation enforcement to be entailed. Laura has actually given that shared that the siblings were kidnapped in hopes of getting cash from Tommy Mottola, Thalía’s partner, that is a really effective songs manufacturer.

The kidnappers told the two sis that the entire case was absolutely nothing personal which they wanted Tommy Mottola to supposedly pay a $1 million ransom money. Though Laura barely recognized any English, she apparently told her captors that she didn’t recognize whether her sibling’s family members had that much money and also if they would spend it on her. After 18 days of remaining in bondage, Laura was launched on October 10, 2002, by the abductors, though her sister was kept for one more 16 days before being launched on the 34th day after they had actually been abducted.

Laura has actually never ever exposed the exact ransom money they paid for their liberty from the kidnappers, she asserted that Thalia and her spouse did not provide the ransom money that was asked of them. Given that being released, Laura has mentioned numerous times that the occurrence changed her at a basic level, and also it took her around 6 years to move past the injury. To portray her version of what occurred during her time in captivity, Laura went on to act in the autobiographical play ‘Captives.’.

The occasions depicted in the play present the abductors as hardened wrongdoers however also clarified their obvious human side. The actress insisted that of the abductors even claimed to be crazy with her and specified that he would certainly let no harm come to her considering that it was purportedly all organization. One should note that the play did not appeal to Laura’s sisters, Ernestina and also Thalía, which obviously led to expanding the void in their partnership.

What Happened to The Kidnappers?

In April 2003, 3 men were detained as noticeable abductors of Laura Zapata and also Ernestina Sodi. Despite the apprehension of 5 participants of the said kidnapping gang, law enforcement had still caught the leader of the gang, Mario Alberto Bayardo, as well as two various other members of the group.

According to the insurance claims officials entailed, the gang was thought to be behind the kidnapping of Laura and also Ernestina, though it must be noted that their family members had not filed any type of charges regarding the case with the police. The household apparently depended on a personal group to handle the arrangements with the abductors of the two sis. It is not likely that any official identification took area pertaining to the very same.

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