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Lelouch’s 6 Greatest Strengths (And His 5 Worst Weaknesses)

The protagonist of the cult traditional mecha anime Code Geass, Lelouch vi Britannia has lengthy been seemingly the most accepted characters in anime historical past. He composed holds the tip-ranking place on MyAnimeList, a ambitious performance brooding about the age of the anime itself.

Lelouch can also simply basically be remembered for his impartial correct methods, but he is truly a extremely advanced personality. His tragic loss of life, a scene that continues to be historic for lengthy-time anime viewers, is a part of a extremely tremendous personality arc and represents a final strive to reconcile Lelouch’s loads of strengths at the side of his lethal weaknesses.

11 GREAT STRENGTH: His Genius Lets in Him To Turn into The Man Of Miracles

If there’s one observe that would possibly well seemingly well interpret Lelouch vi Britannia, it will in fact be “genius.” His fondness for chess reveals on the battlefield, and from the very first episodes, the Britannian prince is snappily to tag his brilliance against the forces of his half-brother Clovis.

He manages to manage the ragtag forces of the terrorists with ease and take dangle of a decisive victory from Britannia. Some of his most efficient moments consist of his debut as Zero, his battle of phrases with Mao, the collapse of the Tokyo settlement within the Dim Insurrection, and the 1,000,000 Zeroes contrivance.

10 WORST WEAKNESS: He Is Nearly Hilariously Unfit

Lelouch is nowhere attain as conscientious in exercising his muscle tissues as he is in playing chess. Lelouch’s unfit order is a provide of extra special hilarity within the anime. On one infamous event, Lelouch’s strive to flee is without problems surpassed not handiest by skilled troopers esteem Suzaku and Kallen, the latter the usage of a cumbersome hide, but additionally by Shirley, and even more amusingly, Milly Ashford in a dressing up.

In Season 2, he is compelled to reduction remedial PE classes at Ashford Academy. Because the anime advances, it sounds as if he does put some effort into surpassing his former level, as he manages to accept onto Shirley when she falls off a constructing. He also can be ready to budge up the Damocles’ stairs without a perceived place.

9 GREAT STRENGTH: His Geass Affords Him With A Unpleasant Weapon

No topic his brilliance, Lelouch is at a certain downside when going up against the would possibly well seemingly well of the Britannian Empire and his father, Emperor Charles. The apparent solution comes from the witch C.C., who provides him a mysterious contract.

In alternate for succesful her wish, he receives the Absolute Obedience Geass. This hideous weapon enables Lelouch to force any individual to discover his commands. The vitality does secure its barriers, because it can handiest be used as soon as per particular person and it needs respect contact to work.

8 WORST WEAKNESS: He Turns into Incapable Of Controlling His Possess Vitality

Wide awake of the intrinsic complications at the side of his Geass, Lelouch is extraordinarily ingenious when the usage of it, making the most of the skill. Unfortunately, a excessive teach arises when the Geass becomes very unlikely to manipulate, at the worst seemingly 2d.

All over a dialog at the side of his sister Euphemia, Lelouch idly explains his vitality to her with a dejected and very in dejected health-timed shaggy dog sage. Within the job, he commands her to kill the Jap. The following massacre forces him to kill Euphemia, which performs a tall role in his remaining fate.

7 GREAT STRENGTH: His Esteem For Nunnally Anchors His Humanity

Lelouch commits many crimes throughout the expose, but what truly makes him salubrious as a personality is how extra special he cares. An awfully great particular person in his existence is unquestionably his sister Nunnally. She is his sole motive of residing, and he needs to present a tranquil world for her sake.

The savor Lelouch has for Nunnally makes him truly endearing in a contrivance other same characters, esteem Demise Indicate’s Light Yagami, can never be. These feelings anchor his humanity and accept him from fully losing himself to his vitality.

6 WORST WEAKNESS: His Protectiveness Toward Nunnally Is Frequently His Worst Foil

Fascinated about how significant Nunnally is to Lelouch, it comes as no surprise that she also can be his greatest weak point. It’s not irregular for Lelouch’s plans to rotate around Nunnally or for him to variety adjustments attributable to dangers to her.

The clearest instance is, obviously, the Dim Insurrection, when he abandons the Dim Knights because she is kidnapped. The growth of his personality is proven most eloquently when he admits to C.C. that he can now not give his sister particular therapy, sooner or later deciding to make spend of his Geass on her.

5 GREAT STRENGTH: His Dedication Even Lets in Him To Declare God

Lelouch’s iron will and backbone are a tall part of his allure as a personality. Even when issues proceed horribly contaminated, he doesn’t quit. He turns his huge mistake with Euphemia into a technique to build his Dim Insurrection, and his revolution can also simply secure completely been winning had Nunnally not been taken by V.V.

Later, after he learns the truth about his mother’s loss of life, he channels this selection into the most impressive feat of all – his put a question to to God. Via his Geass, he stops the Ragnarok Connection, a correct testomony of the vitality of his fierce will. Even when he is suicidal, he composed concocts an even contrivance supposed to lend a hand all americans.

4 WORST WEAKNESS: His Stunted Emotional Pattern Makes Him Gape Other americans As Pawns

Lelouch is known as a genius, but he has one salubrious blind residing. His stunted emotional model makes him ignore the importance of the human aspect. For the most part, he sees the Dim Knights as his instruments, and he fails to give them any recordsdata on his lengthy-timeframe plans and motivations. That is a part of the reason they within the break betray him.

Sadly, even his kin aren’t exempt from this therapy. While Lelouch’s fierce protectiveness of Nunnally is endearing, he handiest acknowledges her as his equal at the very live. Lelouch’s therapy of Suzaku is even worse. Upon finding out Suzaku killed his father, Lelouch tries to make spend of the solutions to variety Suzaku be part of the Dim Knights. Predictably, Suzaku reacts poorly, forcing Lelouch to solid the “are residing on” Geass that can sooner or later cost all of them so extra special.

3 GREAT STRENGTH: His Bond With Suzaku Makes Them An Unstoppable Force

While Lelouch’s relationship with Nunnally is important, it is his bond with Suzaku that becomes the axis around which the total anime rotates. Despatched to Japan after the loss of life of their mother, Marianne, Lelouch and Nunnally build an unlikely friendship with the young Kururugi inheritor. This connection performs a tall role in Suzaku’s remaining decision to kill his father, who posed a possibility to the two Britannian royals.

No topic every little thing that occurs between the two friends within the anime, one thing consistently remains correct. There is nothing Suzaku and Lelouch can not break as lengthy as they stick together. Unfortunately, their differentiating cases and clashing opinions force their paths apart, and in yell that they handiest attain together at the very live to fulfill the Zero Requiem that’s Lelouch’s response to the tragedy of their world.

2 WORST WEAKNESS: His Vengefulness Is The Correct Root Of His Enmity With Suzaku

While Lelouch can also simply settle on to fulfill Nunally’s need for a tranquil world, in actual fact that he has his secure trauma. His need for revenge generally supersedes his wish for an even bigger future, which is why he has the tendency to take dangle of negative alternatives in his schemes. He argues that no-one can swap the arena without getting their fingers dirty, and it can also very successfully be correct. Nonetheless with a Geass esteem Absolute Obedience, he wouldn’t secure had a exhausting time taking on Japan (and later, seemingly even Britannia) in a composed contrivance.

It is this vengefulness that is the ideal root of his enmity with Suzaku. Had he belief of issues with more logic, the two of them would possibly well seemingly secure reached a compromise that would possibly well seemingly secure resulted in better outcomes. Lelouch’s favor to avenge his family is more than understandable, on the opposite hand it can also simply secure completely been what sabotaged his quest and within the break resulted in the Zero Requiem.

1 GREAT STRENGTH: He Is Immortal And Can Aloof Use His Geass

After the liberate of the trilogy of movies and the fourth installment within the gathering, Lelouch’s fate has been changed. Resurrected by C.C., he is now immortal and has won the flexibility to make spend of his Geass on prime of his Code.

The vitality leaves him practically invulnerable while composed possessing the flexibility to describe others. While some Code Geass followers can also simply secure most accepted the fresh ending of Lelouch’s arc, no one can reveal that Lelouch of the Re;surrection gave their accepted personality a tall vitality enhance.

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