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Leo Schofield’s Daughter Now: Where is Ashley Schofield Now?

With ABC’s ’20/20: Last Seen In Lakeland’ checking out the 1987 murder of 18-year-old Michelle Schofield, we obtain a detailed understanding right into whether her hubby really is accountable or not. After all, although Leo Schofield has actually been behind bars as a founded guilty murderer because 1989, there is prospective evidence directing towards another man completely– long-lasting lawbreaker Jeremy Lynn Scott. For now, if you simply wish to find out even more regarding one of the loudest voices fighting for his complete liberty– his daughter Ashley Nicole Schofield– we’ve obtained the important information for you.

Who is Ashley Schofield?

Ashley Nicole Schofield is the proud adoptive daughter of Leo and also his second wife Crissie Carter, who ‘d first met while the former probation policeman was offering to educate life skills at his jail back in 1991. They ‘d expanded closer once she started counting on his insurance claims of innocence upon hearing his tale, seeking out the court records, and also examining every little thing herself, only to tie the knot around 1995. The couple then blissfully absorbed their daughter a couple of years later, and also the fact is she’s still a “substantial dad’s lady” regardless of him being incarcerated her whole life– Ashley, as well, believes he’s innocent.

“Music is absolutely something that [my daddy and also I] share,” Ashley informed ABC’s ’20/20 ′ when inquired about their bond. “I believe that’s how we are alike; it’s as a result of music … [We’re] very close.” It, thus, comes as no surprise she has been associated with Leo’s instance considering that she was a teenager, even reaching to stand in front of the parole board to vouch for him in 2016, however fruitless. The karate professional athlete was still confident Leo would certainly be free quickly, though– “I’ve been training for the Olympics … we’re going to go the 2020 Olympics with each other,” Ashley stated– yet that didn’t take place either.

Where is Ashley Schofield Today?

Despite the years gone by in addition to the stopped working efforts to have her daddy vindicated, Ashley continues to wait him due to the fact that she completely feels he didn’t eliminate his initial spouse, Michelle Schofield. The fact Leo has actually constantly educated her to be genuine throughout their prison gos to has actually apparently played a role in all this also, especially as his guideline is “talk the truth even if your voice drinks.” Thus, certainly, it harms Ashley that she can not have accessibility to her papa or remain in his visibility at the breeze of a finger like the majority of the globe, but she’s absolutely glad to have him in her life, at the very least in some ability.

“There’s been times where, you understand, I simply want to call him, or I desire to talk to him … I enjoy my mother, do not get me wrong. Guy, I wish I had my daddy,” Ashley shared on ’20/20 ′ while holding back rips.

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