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Linda G. Hardin: Where is Grant Hardin’s Wife Now

Back in 2017, previous law enforcement agents Grant Hardin was charged as well as detained for the apparently ridiculous murder of 59-year-old city worker James Lee Appleton, just for it to uncover his real character as well as the offenses he had actually committed in 1997. ‘Shattered: Do You Hear My Voice?’ accounts all this and a lot more in complete detail with the help of reenactments as well as one-on-one meetings with an authorities chief, his survivor, as well as his wife. Nevertheless, he ‘d efficiently lived a double life for over twenty years. Now, if you’re curious to understand more about the latter, we’ve got you covered.

Who Is Grant Hardin’s Wife?

Grant Matthew Hardin and Linda G. Hardin fulfilled as well as began dating in 1995, while he would certainly currently began working as a police. With each other, the set made a secure and satisfied life for themselves in Grant’s childhood years residence on Gann Ridge Road, Garfield, Arkansas.

According to Linda’s declarations to the officials, on February 23, 2017, the day James was eliminated close to their house, Grant was on their residential or commercial property the whole time. Linda added that the Hardin household after that went out for dinner, where her other half looked a little off as well as instantly informed her she would certainly be alright no issue what. Plain hrs later, Grant was billed with first-degree murder.

Where is Grant Hadin’s Wife Now?

Because witnesses definitely acknowledged Grant Hardin at the crime scene as well as his alibi was relatively slim, all the evidence pointed just towards him. Linda continued to think in her spouse’s absolute virtue, and that is when it came to light that he was included in a 1997 rape case. Grant begged guilty to both the murder and also the sexual assault, however based on the ‘Shattered’ episode, Linda claims that he only did so out of anxiety of obtaining a life sentence if found guilty after trial. Regardless of the proof and the appeal for a reduced sentence, she keeps his innocence.

As for where Linda is today, public documents show that she continues to stay at Gann Ridge Road, Garfield, Arkansas, and also is still married to Grant. Linda still thinks that they’ll be together once again one day as she likes him with all her heart and believes that God does also.

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