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Linda Scarpa: Where is Gregory Scarpa Daughter Now?

Examination Discovery’s ‘Evil Lives Here: The Grim Reaper’ adheres to the astonishing life of Gregory Scarpa with the eyes of his daughter Linda Scarpa. He ‘d actually made the titular tag of “The Grim Reaper” for killing various people while simultaneously working as a caporegime for the Colombo criminal activity household as well as an FBI informant. The episode hence covers the latter’s experiences with her father at every phase of her life– so let’s figure out even more concerning her, shall we?

Who is Linda Scarpa?

Linda Scarpa is the daughter of hit man Gregory “Greg” Scarpa as well as his lasting sweetheart, Linda Schiro. She did not actually understand this reality until she was a teenager. She always believed her mother’s once partner, Charlie Schiro, was her dad and also Gregory (or “Greggy,” as she recognized him) was simply a household good friend. She had a love for the last anyways; as well as he offered her household wth an extravagant design of living– from remarkable residence events to high-end autos to fancy clothes.

Linda soon found out Greg was a whole lot more than what he let on. It was apparently in 1983 that the after that 14-year-old Catholic school sophomore from Midwood started to understand he had a fierce streak in him. After all, like the majority of teens her age around this time around, she frequently joined friends, smoked pot, and also began dating. However after she got back high one night, her daddy had her partner (her very first), Greg Vacca, located and defeated to a pulp.

Linda still remembers that the young boy’s head and face were beaten so severely “I could not birth to look at him. One of the most chilling episodes of her teen years was when Greg had a car-service vehicle driver killed for trying to molest the then-16-year-old while he was intended to take her to school.

It was around this time that Linda inevitably learned her mother was Greg’s mistress, as well as she and also her brother, Joey, were really his youngsters. Yes, there were some tricks, yet Linda as soon as conceded her “papa was a different kind of mobster. He let us know what was going on– road organization if they require to hit a person.

Linda therefore came to understand concerning Greg’s double identity quickly as well; apart from being a hitman for the Columbian mafia, he was also acting as an FBI source on the side. She remembers, “He utilized to tell us he was James Bond. He was really a source for FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio, who was later on tried for murder and also dripping info.

Linda’s brother, Joey, then 17, was required by Greg to murder his ideal good friend, Patrick Porco, after he discovered that the latter was arrested and also may rat out everyone. Linda and her boy were also captured in a mob shootout on November 18, 1991, as participants of other gangs sprayed the family members car with bullets.

Greg himself shed an eye throughout a similar shootout in 1992 and also got AIDS throughout a blood transfusion. He was eventually put behind bars after pleading guilty to 3 murders as well as conspiracy to murder a number of others in May 1993. He passed away in the Federal Medical Center (FMC) in Rochester, Minnesota, on June 4, 1994, from AIDS-related complications.

Where is Linda Scarpa Today?

With Greg’s fatality, his millions strangely vanished and also were never ever recouped, even by the Feds. When it comes to Linda, the mom of two (now adult kids) currently stays in a modest apartment or condo on Staten Island, New York, and also candidly describes herself as a survivor of abusive relationships. “I went from being totally shielded to being a sufferer of domestic physical violence,” the former liquor and also beer sales rep said back in 2012, understanding the paradox of all of it.

It’s crucial to note that Linda has since co-written a publication on her childhood experiences and also her partnership with her daddy– it’s appropriately labelled ‘The Mafia Hit Man’s Daughter.’ “The publication has actually been really hard for me,” she as soon as stated. “I don’t want to harm people, as well as I don’t want to proclaim this life. This life destroyed my household.” Concerning her current experiences, while it appears as if Linda likes to keep her professional standing on the down low these days, she frequently shares her personal/familial life on social media sites, whether it be Instagram or TikTok.

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