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Look Both Ways Ending and Explained: Which Timeline is Real

Netflix’s ‘Look Both Ways’ follows the story of Natalie which begins on the evening when she takes a maternity test. The timeline divides into the one where the test is negative as well as the other where the test declares. As anticipated, ending up being a mom alters her life radically, though interestingly, a few important things stay the very same. Among the crucial points that the film shows through Natalie’s tale is that life takes its very own course, regardless of just how much you intend things. Whatever occurs in its own time, whatever course you take. It becomes clear when by the end of her journey, we see both of Natalie’s lives assemble to the same point. The last scene adds an additional layer to the story. If you are questioning what it means for Natalie, here’s what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Look Both Ways Plot Synopsis

Natalie intends to go to LA after graduation. She has an entire five-year plan outlined for herself, starting with her relocate to LA to develop herself as an animator and after that making motion pictures. Thinking about that this is their last evening in college, she and also Gabe engage in an act of spontaneity that leads Natalie to take a maternity check. She is very worried regarding the end result, thinking about that every one of her plans hinge on this one moment. She can say bye-bye to ending up being a supervisor in 5 years if she is pregnant and also chooses to have the infant. To her alleviation, the test comes out adverse, at least in one timeline.

In the various other timeline, the examination comes out favorable, as well as after a quick discussion with Gabe, Natalie chooses to have the child. At some point, nevertheless, they cool down as well as allow Natalie remain with them to aid her with the baby. In the parallel globe, Natalie goes to LA with her finest close friend, Cara.

Look Both Ways Ending: Which Timeline is Real?

While there are a thousand possibilities to how one’s life can end up, the fact remains that everyone reach live simply one variation of it. The very same is true for Natalie. At first, based upon a life-altering occasion, we see her living 2 different lives. In the end, however, only one of them can be real. As both variations of Natalie tell her that it’s going to be fine, we can not assist yet question which of those routes her life takes.

The events in the movie, in both timelines, happen throughout five years, which, curiously, intersects with the timeline that Natalie had thought of for herself in her five-year plan. In both the timelines, she ends up in the exact same place at the same time, though with very various experiences. Natalie fidgeted regarding the results of the maternity test because she was afraid that it will certainly derail her strategies. In the timeline where she’s not expectant, we see that her plans still don’t follow with.

While she succeeds in getting a work for Lucy, she is unable to reveal her profile to her boss for a long time. When she ‘d currently expected to be a well established animator by now, this was. Falling in love had additionally remained in the plan, which is what takes place for her with Jake. Nevertheless, she didn’t factor in the opportunity that they could break up, which is what takes place when Jake obtains the financing for his film and also has to move to Nova Scotia for six months, and much more.

A comparable thing occurs for the expectant Natalie that determines to maintain the baby. While she seems like this is the appropriate thing to do currently, she can not aid yet feel sorry for herself for not being able to go to LA as well as live the life she wanted. She was intended to progress in her life, but now, she is back home as well as has a child to deal with. Quickly enough, being a mother starts to take a toll on her and also she stresses that she does not have a life any longer. Every one of her focuses on her child, Rosie.

Her love life is likewise in disarray. Due to the fact that what if they obtain together as well as after that break up? After that, things take a turn for the much better when after all the delaying as well as barriers and reasons, Natalie ultimately goes back to attracting as well as employs the experience of being a mother to her art.

Parallel to this, the other Natalie, after being told by Lucy that her work is unimaginative, returns house and tries to locate her voice. In both timelines, Natalie’s different projects turn out to be a success for her. In the other timeline, Natalie determines to provide it a go with Gabe, lastly confessing her feelings for him.

That no matter what takes place now, whether or not she gets expecting, her life will transform out exactly how it’s intended to be. No issue how numerous plans she makes, there’s no guarantee that life will certainly comply with match. It will take its very own program, and also while it may terrify her, doing something that she had not expected, taking a course that she knows absolutely nothing concerning, she’ll be able to figure it out.

In the long run, we see the original Natalie, still holding the maternity test in her hand. We do not reach see the outcomes, which implies that things can go in either case. She could be expectant, and also she can select to have the child. And also in spite of her fears of losing her desires, she might still get them. Or, she might pick not to have the child and afterwards go to LA, and also her life can take a different turn. Or, the examination might come out unfavorable, alleviating her of the duty of making the challenging choice, as well as going in another instructions and also having a various life and profession. Regardless of what takes place from here, the only point that matters is that she simply needs to cope the difficult parts and dedicate herself to her desires, regardless of what, as well as not be disheartened if life tosses something unexpected in the process. Everything will end up for the better in the long run.

By not offering us a concrete answer, the film leaves the decision about Natalie’s destiny to the target market. She has the option of living two various lives.

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