Love isn’t for everyone- Peruzzi


Singer Tobechukwu Victor Okoh aka Peruzzi has declared not everyone will be quite fortunate to find love in their lifetime.

The Davido Music Worldwide signee who seemingly haven’t been fortunate with the subject matter stated while some people are destined to find and experience love, some others are meant to be without partners.

The “Majesty” singer also noted a fraction of persons were wired to just enjoy life without having to burden their minds with any form of commitment.

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While stating his opinion on love matters, Huncho further indulged his audience as he advised them to go about life void bitterness for not attracting what would have eventually terminated their lives in the long run.

Peruzzi wrote; “Love isn’t for everyone. Some of us gon find love, some of us gon be single. Some of us were made for cruise and vibes.

“Don’t kill yourself for not getting what would have also killed you”.

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