Loving Rona Review: The Love Triangle Movie

Loving Rona Review: The Love Triangle Movie

For the past few weeks, there have been lots of Nigerian movies in the cinema. Some worth it, some, well, tried, others a No! No!

However, we saw this romantic movie Loving Rona over the weekend and here is our review.

Loving Rona is story of a young wealthy business woman, Rona (played by Met Otanwa) and her Gardener, Benny (Gideon Okeke) who schemed to sabotage Alex’s (Rona’s ex fiancée) romance with Jackie (his supposed masseur), so that Rona could have her fiancée back, however their plot got twisted at the end. It became a love triangle situation. Who won? Benny The Gardner or Alex the big boy?

Loving Rona had all the much needed criteria to be a good film; romantic-comedy genre, good cast (for the most part), direction, and a storyline that has been overmilked but people never get tired of watching.

The fact that Nigerian movie lovers would have to cough out N2,500, leave the comfort of their homes to the cinema to go movie, it is expected that the movie should worth their money or at least the stress.

Aside the resounding performance of Gideon Okeke and Met Otanwa; the leas characters, Loving Rona is no worth the big screen.

Gideon Okeke is a rare gem in Nollywood, but his acting skills wasn’t enough to boost the movie. His acting was delightful and he carried the movie in ways you can’t imagine. Meg Otanwa didn’t slack off either as she, too, came guns blazing. 

Sadly, that’s all Roving Rona could offer. The story line has been over-flogged; The Charming Princess and his poor gardener. Dialogues were boring and no catchy phrase.

The comic- relief was also very poor and uninteresting.

Is Loving Rona worth watching? If you got some spare time and money, fine! Got something serious to do with your life and money? Then wait for another romantic movie to hit the cinema.

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