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Lpee: ‘Jungle Life’ depicts my life journey

By Sampson Unamka

AFRO-FUSION singer and film producer, Jeffrey Fidelis aka Lpee has described his recently released Extended Play (EP) ‘Jungle Life’ as a narration of his sojourn in South Africa.

According to the singer who recently relocated to Nigeria after a sojourn in South Africa, “coming home I feel that there is no other place where I should be pushing my dreams and vision if not home.”

Sharing the inspiration behind the five-track EP, Lpee said, ‘Jungle Life’ is just a title that details my journey so far in life. It is a jungle out there and that is what I am trying to tell the world you know. I have come from quite a bit and the experience has been awesome and enlightening the entire process so I am using the title.”

Speaking on how he hopes to stand out in the industry, he said: “I‘m highly motivated by the environment that I reside in. Nigeria is my country there is so much going on be it bad or good, or fun, I am all about motivation and as much as there is so much in the air trust me there is so much to still come. There is so much more than the five-track EP that is out now, it is going to be an amazing season for us, music is what I do beyond the film and television space that I have been for a while I guess time will tell,” said Lpee.

Lpee is signed under his label Jungle hustle.

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