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Lyn May still hasn’t erased Vicente Fernandez’s kisses and caresses from her memories: “How delicious!”

One year after the death of Vicente Fernandez, the reports concerning who was on as well as off the stage remain to offer individuals something to speak about as well as enhance the legend that the vocalist was a womanizer with all women, currently it is Lyn May herself who open up the trunk of memories

And also it is that, the debatable vedette out of regard for the household of Vicente Fernandez has stayed in total discretion regarding the emotional partnership that existed in between her and the Charro de Huentitan, of which extremely few recognize information, considering that her young people stage occurred.

” I have several memories of Vicente, I satisfied them when we began and we were all young, so I have several attractive memories, but I can not inform you even more information, due to the fact that they have family members and also I don’t wish to injure them,” said the questionable actress, who explained the interpreter of “Divine ladies” like a guy to function.

Delving deeper right into his memories, I do not wait to disclose that the singer kissed really well, “I shut my eyes as well as I do say that abundant kisses as well as hugs”, in enhancement to verifying that Fernandez was a “very satisfied eye” man.

” Dona Cuquita currently knows what he was like and also I assume I do not have to maintain advising him of it. At that time we were all extremely young and also we worked at the Blanquita movie theater as well as well, you know, in the clothing spaces they came …”, May discussed to the “delarosatv” network. The professional dancer of Chinese descent has actually also reported that she had some intimate encounters with Alejandro Fernandez’s dad when in the clothing spaces of the Blanquita cinema.

” Vicente was constantly a happy eye,” stated the 69-year-old celebrity, regretting that such vital figures leave this shot, “however we remember them lovingly.”

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